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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Winter, as sombre and still as a fish frozen to the bank, has settled in full on Ralinwood. The bells and flash of Highwinter heralded it’s entrance but couldn’t confine its fervour. The short days bring biting cold nights. The gale and tempest of hail and ice make travel difficult, even for the most steadfast ship and caravan. The cinnamon leaves and wet, fallen apples of autumn have been smothered in blankets of sour grey and sheepskin white. A fluttering golden parchment with ebony ink shines against the stark black wood of the Notice Board, like a single slice of sunlight in a smokey winter sky.

“Dear Citizens of Ralinwood. Upon the eighteenth hour of January the 12th, you are cordially invited to attend a mid-winter celebratory festival, hosted by the gracious Lady Aminata, inside the warmth of the Pavilions. This festival, dubbed “Brumafestum” by our Lady, in honour of our new Regent, promises to shake off the drab of winter. It will feature a lively vendor’s market, games of skill and luck, fortunes, food and a real chance for our citizens’ voices to be heard in a matter of great economic importance. 

It was not long ago that we shuffled the shackles of our past and became a true, thriving township. It was even less long ago that we broke the tyrannical monopoly of the Gilthanuses. Those curs left financial destruction in their wake. But among the ruins, a rose of opportunity bloomed. Three significant properties became available for purchase- a building on the docks, a small clearing just beyond old town centre and a large plot of land about an hour and a half north of town. While Ralinwood celebrated highwinter, our local landowners worked hard with the nobility to trim down long lists of potential buyers, from near and far, looking to purchase these locations.

The list came down to a total of nine very impressive candidates, with three potential buyers per property. These select few will be attending our festival, to personally become acquainted with our lovely town and vie for their trade. The decision on which delegate will own the properties will be put into the hands of our citizens, via vote by ballot. It is therefore requested that all who attend this festival put their best foot forward and promote every wonderful aspect of our town and its members.

In this vein, we are offering a ruby, worth three silver pieces, to any who wish to provide food for our potential buyers, as well as the other townsfolk, entertainers, new regent and nobility.

The following businesses will be in attenda-”

The rest of the paper has been torn off. 

The Festival was relatively successful—as far as Ralinwood festivals go. There were a few minor attacks from undead who managed to squeeze their way through a hole in the cellar—but town’s blacksmiths were able to patch it up quick. Games were a plenty and prizes flowed as coin traded hand in gambles and fun.

Aminata introduced the Regent: Titus Accius a Dark Elf who came from the Capital.

While townsfolk had the opportunity to peruse with the various business advocating for why they should be granted each plot of land.

The first plot was being vied over by a Savar Barterhouse, Empressive Exotics, an Archaeologist looking to explore the ruins surrounding Ralinwood and a Hobbling Pawn Shop owned by Penelope.

The second plot of land was being contested by a newly formed coalition of the brothels in the area, a walk-in clinic and a blacksmithing guild.

While the final plot brought in an odd man and his….hired hands, a mercenary guild and Zaid Acreages. 

Each business made their own pitch to town before the citizens of Ralinwood exercised something not often seen in former penal-colonies: the right to a democratic vote. 

When the votes were tallied at the end of the night, the winners were as follows:

Empressive Exotics

The Walk-in Clinic

Zaid Acreages.

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