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Prelogging Your First Time

So! You’ve made your first character, got your costuming together and you’re ready to come try and play your first game! This means its time to prolog. Prelogging is what lets us know you’re coming to game so we are prepared for your arrival and have everything you need to play ready and at hand.

How To Prelog

When you made your first character you got an account to our logistics site. From here after you sign in you can select the preregistration button at the top. From there you will select the Ralinwood guild, as this is the guild you are currently looking to play at. From there you will select the event name of the event you are wishing to attend. You can find what our current event is from the events tab of our Facebook page, located here. Its usually the only event with a name on the preregistration section. From there you can see the event invite. Scrolling to the bottom of the page you can select the character you are playing at the bottom left and then select the opt out new player option on the right where its asking for you to take an npc shift. Then you are done! You are ready to play at your first game. There is one more thing to go over however in case you selected a specific skill for your first game.

The Tradesman Skill

If you decided to take a tradesman skill for your first game, which is a good way to generate a steady income. You have an extra step after preregistration. You need to click on the production option after at the top of the screen. From there you will select the guild and then the event you are attending once again. From there on the right is the trademan box. You can write out the tag you’d like for this game. What you can make is determined by your trade and how many level you have in it. Please refer to the rule book and if you have any questions feel free to talk with one of our New Player Liaisons.