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New Adventurers

Hail newcomer!
We of Ralinwood are here to welcome and guide you on the new path you are about to tread. There are many new things to learn and a plethora of question to be answered. Here is where we will give you a show of the rules and what you should expect going forward.

First, What is LARP?

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. It is a game which involves dressing up as a character of your creation and bringing it to life.

The setting of Underworld LARP is a dark fantasy world. You can fight monsters who terrorize your town, make friends with those who overcome hardships with you and pursue your character’s goals in a world where anything is possible. Think of a tabletop RPG or video game where you yourself are the character exploring our interactive story.

The story is run by a team of story tellers we call Shapers–as they ‘shape’ the world you’re playing in. They have help from a team of season NPCs who drive forward the story the Shapers create. We have epic multi-year stories, large year long plots and small one offs that bring our world to life.

How to Start

Starting to play with us is really simple. The three things you need to do are to:
Make a character, bring a costume and come to game.

To learn how to make a character follow the link here
To learn about costuming click here
To learn about pre-logging and what that is click here

What You Need to Bring

There’s not to much you have to bring to game besides yourself, but there’s some easily overlooked items. Costuming, food and bedding are the staples to your traveling kit. For a more comprehensive list see here

What to Expect Your First Game

As a new adventurer your first game is slightly different and you get some awesome perks to help you learn the game and get started. Your first game is free and for your first two games you get free lodging in our cabins while you find your party amongst town. For a run down of what you need to do when you arrive and about maintaining game immersion click here

What to Expect After Your First Game

After your first weekend of adventuring there is a few things you must do to use the experience you’ve gained and to be prepared for your second event. A step by step walk through and anything else you’ll need for this can be found here