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New Player Liasions

What Is a New Player Liaison?

A new player liaison or NPL is a member of our team who volunteers to help new adventures learn the ropes of our game. This comes from answering emails that you send in, giving speeches before every game and making themselves available to you during the game to ask questions to.
At events NPLs will be wearing a yellow armband so you can find them easily to ask them questions about something you’ve encountered and aren’t to sure about.

Meet our New Player Liaisons!

Justin- Co-Head NPL’s
Justin has been with the NPL team since the beginning. Hes our oldest running npl, former head npl, shaper, monster marshal, and season npc. He has some wacky stories and stong opinions on shoes. Hes been part of Underworld since 2013 and part of ralinwood since its first day mod. If you have an issue in game or out of game, hes the guy to talk to. Come join him in ralinwood and start your own story.

KendraCo-Head NPL
Kendra has been playing with Underworld since May 2019 and completely fell in love with LARP. Since then, she has been a positive and outgoing member of the community with a passion for new player experience. If you have any questions, want to spar or need someone friendly to tag along with in mods, she’s your lass!

Alex has been a part of Underworld since joining Ralinwood back in 2016, including a 2 year term as Head NPL from 2018-2020. Her LARPing adventures have brought her across five different Underworld Guildhouses in numerous provinces, and she has acted as a member of the Global NPL team for Warcry 2019. Armed with a thorough knowledge of the rulebook and a panache for getting herself in over her head, find her in game wherever poor life choices are being made. Outside of game she is always happy to help get people started and/or settled, be it with help creating characters, backstories/builds, or answering any questions that pop up.

Lindsay has been in the Ralinwood Underworld LARP since May 2018, though she has been active in other LARPs since 2012. Since her start in underworld she has sought to help other new players become aware of the systems as well as making players feel welcomed. She also helps as a resident boffer maker and sewer for costuming help! If you want help building a character, coming up with a backstory, have any questions or want a creepy in game pal, give her a shout!

Will has been playing since early 2012 and has seen the rise and fall of many seasons. Starting with being an NPL in 2016 he has worked to help new players adjust to game and answer their many questions. Having been a shaper and worked with the global plot team, he is very aware of how the games works and is more than willing to help and explain in any way. He is fairly active on the discord and is more than willing to answer any questions that need answering via PM.

Dustin has been playing with Underworld: Ralinwood since the guild’s third event back in June 2014. As a lifelong camper, outdoors-man, archer and martial-artist, Dustin has a lot of useful knowledge when it comes to a lot of the non-RPG aspects of LARPing. If you have questions on safe camping practices, staying warm in your tent on colder events, taking care of yourself in the woods, or tips on boffer fighting or archery, hit him up on discord (User: Kyrem (Dustin S) ).