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Making Your First Character

So! You want to make a character. You have a bunch of ideas swirling around in your head about what you want to play, or you have no idea where to start. No matter what, the first thing you need to do is take a peek at the rule book

Core Rule Book

How To Make The Character

There are three parts to making a character that you can decide in any order.
You need to pick a race, class and then your skills.

Races have an automatic advantage that you get for playing them along with 1-3 different perks you can buy. They also come with a disadvantage with the exceptions of the human race.
Classes have four unique skills you’re allowed to buy at specific levels. Your class also determines how much health your character has and how much skills will cost for your character
Skills are something every class can buy. Each skill will have a different cost depending on your class. Your class does not determine what you can or can’t buy. So its fun to mix and match from different sections.

Every character starts with 150 exp points to spend on skills. So after you’ve spent that you’re going to send an email to
From there you’ll tell them that this is your very first character and that you do not yet have a logistics account. You’ll need to tell them your name, what you want your characters name to be, what you want their true name to be (This will be discussed further in. It should be a section in the rule book that you read in character creation), your race and your class.

After the email has been looked at by our logistics team, they will make you an account for underworld logistics
This is where you will be able to apply the skills you want on your character, pre-log for games and some other things that will be discussed in a different section.

Making a Backstory

After you have your characters concept and know what direction you want to go, you can make a backstory. Backstories need to be approved by our shaper team and sometimes can be used as plot devices. They’re also good to help give direction in how you want to be roleplaying with your character. If you need some help finding inspiration or some more in depth knowledge here is a link to our lore and wiki. You can find anything there that would be considered common knowledge.
There are certain things you are not allowed to have in your backstory.
You can’t have connections to people or things that could be used to give you an advantage at game.
You can’t come in with a bunch of wealth or connections to wealth that you can try to gain access to at game.
Once you have your backstory all written out and ready, you send it to
Make the subject Backstory and then write your name, the characters name and add the backstory!