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About Underworld

Underworld is an 18+ horror, medieval and fantasy themed live role playing game, which also draws on a little bit of sci-fi and steampunk when appropriate. Its complex and intelligent rule system allows for broad range character development including aspects of race, gender, culture, morality, socioeconomic background, politics and faith. Underworld LARP is dedicated to not only challenge players physically but also emotionally as it weaves tales that inspire love, hate, comradarey and conflict. Underworld contains both a rich and detailed political arena for those who believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, as well as providing a physically challenging combat system for those who enjoy the thrill of conquest or defeating a horde of invaders.

About the Owners

Ivanna and Daniel helped to build Ralinwood from the ground up, attending every event possible from the very first day. Their love of the game is clear in their dedication and passion for building the community, updating the rules, and setting the RP stage for players to engage and love their world.

Daniel Finn

Daniel has been LARPing with Underworld since 2011. He spent his first event hiding in plain sight during an All Hallows event, an event infamous for it’s sheer terror and high death rate. He survived the first weekend – with no deaths! – and has been hooked on LARP ever since. Daniel’s been an avid gamer and lover of fantasy and sci-fi since just about forever. Dan’s love of games includes everything he can get his hands on, from board games, to console and PC gaming, straight through to the numerous DnD and tabletop campaigns he’s played since high school. Daniel is an amazing story teller, but most importantly, is a hard-core min-maxer who knows the rules of a game – and their loopholes – and intends to put his amazing brain to good use creating the Ralinwood world. As an owner, Dan’s happy that he can finally put his degree in Philosophy to practical use now that he owns a fantasy-based LARP – and his degree in Psych gives him a head start in seriously messing with people’s heads.
Daniel loves nothing more than a good fight – whether he’s swinging a Slay or hammering out a rules call.

Ivanna Iwasykiw

In June of 2013 Ivanna took Underworld Jericho by storm, coming into game as if she had been playing for years, making more friends and allies than anyone expected of her. It all started when, for some reason, she agreed to go to a larp game with this guy she had been dating for 2 months despite the fact that she wasn’t really a gamer or even know what LARP was. Yet, she was so excited for some unknown reason that she bought $400 of larp archery equipment, $200 of costuming, and people at game asked her where she used to play. She was so unfamiliar with LARP that when she was introducing herself to people after her first game, she referred to herself as her “Out Of Game Character”. But, she promised to go again, and has attended every event possible since.
Ivanna will often be seen running the Tavern as a dirty Goblin, chattering partly in real Goblinish. Ivanna enjoys RP (Role Playing) almost as much as shooting a bow, and loves making new friends to play with.

“IRL”(In Real Life):

Ivanna and Daniel live in Windsor, Ontario with their over-protective German Shepard, Duke.