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Monster Abilities

Monster Abilities (v 2.64)

(This list does not include spells, alchemies, or abilities that appear in the core rule book)

Absorb: Absorbs an effect at range and suffers no ill effects from it.  The effect must pass within 10ft of the monster using this skill. The call is “Absorb <Effect>”.  Once absorbed the monster may be able to do other abilities with the absorbed effect such as “Heal From” or “Ricochet”.

Acidic Blood: All weapons which do body damage to the monster take a “shatter” effect 1 minute after combat ends.

Age <y>:  Carrier attack which must breach armor or effect body to have an effect. It ages the victim by <y> years per hit to body. The damage call would be “<X> Magic Age <Y>”, where X is the damage taken, and Y is the number of years the target will age if they take body damage from the attack.

Alchemical <blank> Poison: This monster has a packet or boffer delivered alchemical attack.  It should be treated as a gas globe for defenses but does not need to be prepared. Duration: Per Alchemy

Alien Anatomy: The monster has a completely different physiology and is immune to anything that targets vitals or requires knowledge of anatomy.  (Sap, Head-butt, Vital Blow, First Aid, etc.)

Amphibious: This monster is at home on land or in the water.  It can breathe underwater or hold its breath for 20+ minutes. If in sufficiently deep water, it may sink below the water with a 3 count.

<Type> Aura: The creature has a magical aura that lets him alter all his swings to the type of the Aura.
So if the creature has a “Magic Aura” then any weapon swings it has may swing for Magic.  If the creature has a <Fire> Aura then any weapon it swings can swing for “magic fire”.

Bite: This attack is done with both claws, which represent a jaw.  Both claws must hit the target simultaneously for the bite to hit.  Bites normally do “Body” damage to the target.

Blindness: This attack causes the target to be blind for 10 seconds.  Victim should close their eyes, but may open them for safety reasons.

Blink: Monster phases in and out of reality at <x> Range. This is best done with multiple NPC’s who are wearing same mask/costuming and can “blink” in and out.

Breach Armour: Target’s armour (if any) is instantly reduced to 0, and is considered breached as if it had actually taken sufficient damage to breach it. Master Crafted armour will still be reduced to 0, although it does not suffer the breach.  Legendary armour is not affected by this ability.

Burn: The Monster lights the target on fire. The target takes “1 magic fire” damage every 1 second, and must drop to the ground and roll around for 10 second to snuff out the fire. Fully submerging yourself in water will also put out the flames.

Burrow: This ability allows monsters to burrow and travel underground.  Unless otherwise stated in the monster description it does not leave a passage behind it.  Burrow may be done on a 3 count. (Burrow 1, Burrow 2, Burrow 3)  During this count the Monster may still be attacked by nearby PC’s.  Once burrowed the monster places one weapon on its head in the “Out of Game” gesture.  When passing PCs ‘underground’, the monster should inform the player: “You feel a rumbling under the ground”. Some special monsters can burst out of the ground without a 3 count.  In this case the monster calls “Burst Forth!” and can immediately start attacking.  These monsters must still burrow back underground on a 3 count.

Carnivorous Worms: This effect shoots forth a wriggling mass of necrotic worms at the target. The magic worms immediately dig themselves into the skin of the target, chewing and eating as they go. The worms eat the target from the outside, dealing 1 magic body damage per minute. Damage begins 1 minute after the target is struck by the spell. The only way to remove the worms is through a Nature’s restoration, Dispel Magic, a 5th level surgeon, drinking a potion of Dispel Magic or entering one’s death count.

Consume Corpse: This effect takes a 1 Minute count to complete during which time the monster roleplays eating the target. After 1 minute the target is automatically killing blowed and the monster is healed to their full amount of body points. If the monster is interrupted in their count they must restart from the beginning.

Cower: The target is struck with fear and must cower behind something for 10 seconds before they regain their nerve.  The target cannot attack the creature that affected them with cower until the cower effect is removed (e.g., the target hides for long enough to regain their nerve.)

Destruction, Curse of: This curse causes the victim to take x2 damage from all sources for 1 Hour.  It can be removed by Dispel Magic or the Ajaunti Ceremony of Hex Breaking ability.

Death: The Monster can use this ability by packet or weapon strike, and instantly kills the target. This ability/spell puts you directly into your 5-minute death count. The defenses against the effect depends on the manner in whic is was delivered.  “Magic Death” can be defended against by spell defenses, “Alchemical Death” can be defended against as alchemy.  A boffer strike of “10 Magic Death” would be a carrier attack that is defended against as a physical boffer strike, and if it were to hit body, would result in a Death effect.

Death’s Grasp: After casting this spell and successfully striking, the Necromancer must hold his arm toward the target, make a fist and concentrate on maintaining the spell. The target struck is immediately affected by a Garrote attack that can only be countered by interrupting the caster by dealing Body damage, casting a Dispel Magic on the necromancer or target, or the target breaking out of the spell with +2 or greater strength. The caster must keep his arm forward for the entire duration (20 seconds) and count the Garrote attack as if they were using the skill (Garrote 1, Garrote 2 …). If 20 seconds pass, the target has been killing blowed and enters their 5 minute death count. If the target is wearing a gorgette, the spell will fail.

Decapitate: The Monster tears the head clean off the target. The attack must hit the torso. The target goes directly into their 5 minute death count.  The attack is “10 Body Decapitate”. Before making the attack the NPC should declare “You Are Not Prepared!”

Destroy <X> Armour: This effect can be weapon or packet delivered.  The armour of the target takes <X> amount of damage, and if the armour is of a type that can suffer breaches the damage done is PERMANENT.  This effect will not do damage to the PCs body points.

Disarm: This is a packet or boffer delivered attack.  If struck on the limb, weapon, or shield, the target must drop whatever is in that hand and may not pick it up for 5 seconds.  If struck to the body or leg, they may choose which item to drop (if they have two items in their hands.)

Disease: The two main effects that represent “Diseases” in UW are “Nausea” and “Plague”.  Please see their respective descriptions for their effects.  Sometimes Shapers will also invent new and specific diseases for specific plotlines. Duration of these diseases are set as per Shaper.

Dominate: An effect that dominates the victim’s will, and forces them to obey the attacker’s commands.  The target cannot be commanded to kill themselves, but they can be told to kill their friends. The duration is 10 minutes or until dispelled. This is a mind affecting charm effect.

Drain: This carrier attack ignores armour and goes straight to body. It drains the health of the target, and the health drained goes to the attacker in the form of healing or temporary body points depending on monster description. A NPC playing a monster with drain should periodically say “Heals From” after doing damage to clarify it is healing from the damage it inflicts.  The call is “<X> Body Drain”

Echo:  The Monster has the ability to “Echo” a spell that they have cast against a target. If their target successfully defends against a spell, the Monster can cause it to strike a second time in an attempt to bypass defenses. By using this racial, a Monster can force their opponent to defend a second time or take the effect. When the target is hit by a spell and calls an appropriate defense, the Monster may then call “Echo!” , causing the target to be instantly hit by the spell again, (although they may still defend against it if possible).

Elemental Form:
● Monsters with this ability have the following attributes:
● 4x Vulnerability from opposing element. (Fire opposes Water, Earth Opposes Air)
● Heals from own element if delivered via packet or spellstrike
● Immune to own element if struck by a boffer attack.
● Immune to all physical effecting attacks (i.e., sap, hamstring, head-butt, dirt in the eye, etc.)
● Immune to all Alchemy.
● ‘Banish’ spells will send the elemental back to its elemental plane of origin.

<Elemental type> Missile/Tempest: Monster ability delivered by packet or spellstrike; Missile does 10 Magic damage of the appropriate type as per elemental school spell. e.g., “Magic Fire Missile”) Tempest does 50 Magic <Type> as per the elemental school spell.

<Elemental Type> Strike: Monster ability delivered by packet or spellstrike; does 25 elemental damage of the appropriate type as per the elemental school spell.

Engulf: This physical attack strikes its victim with a weapon or packet. If the attack strikes the target or anything they are wielding they are pulled into the monster and swallowed whole. The call is “Physical Engulf”. Once swallowed, the victim stands beside the monster and any damage done to it will also affect the victim. The engulfed victim roleplays holding their breath for 1 minute, and then falls to -1 body and enters their bleed count. Victims that do not breathe can strike the monster once every 3 seconds for their standard weapon damage to try and cut their way out. Once the monster is defeated, victims may be cut free with a 5 count by anyone with an edged weapon. The freed suffer no additional effects, other than being covered in monster bile.  Some incorporeal monsters can also engulf; this is a magical effect where the victim is pulled into the creature.  All other details remain the same. This attack may be defended against with the appropriate skill, dodged and will be prevented with “magic armour”.

Explosive Death: 3 seconds after the Monster enters their bleed count, they explode, dealing <X> “appropriate” damage to anyone within <Y> feet. The call is “Explosive Death! <Y> Feet, <X> Damage”

Fae Mark, Dark: Dark Fae Mark places an Aura of Enmity around a being that all True Fae can see. All True Fae will be inclined to attack, harass, or trick anyone marked by this power. In addition, this Mark also curses the player with Curse of Destruction. This power can be resisted with the Wood Fae racial Charm Break, and can only be removed via death or formal magic. The duration of both of these effects is 5 days unless otherwise noted. When encountering Fae creatures, the target should say OOG “Active Fae Mark: Dark”

Fae Mark, Light: Light Fae Mark blesses the target with a Cloak of Moonlight <as per the spell>, and acts as a Fae blessing which is visible to all True Fae. True Fae will not attack anyone blessed by another Fae unless they attack or take a hostile action first. The effects of this blessing beyond that are RP only. The duration is 5 days. When encountering Fae creatures, the target should say OOG “Active Fae Mark: Light”

Fae Walk: The Monster leaves our world and enters the Fae realm. This ability can be used as a means of travel, or as an escape. A 3 second count to exit/enter the Fae realm is necessary unless otherwise stated. While fae walking the creature may pass magical barriers such as circles and wizard locks, but may not pass a ward.  A Fae who is trapped or shackled in iron may not Fae Walk.  Even an Iron Garotte is enough to prevent a Fae Walk.

Fear: A more powerful version of Cower.  The target must run away in fear and hide from any enemies if possible.  Even if the target can escape all enemies, they will remain panicked and fearful until the effect ends. The target may not attack anything, but may defend themselves as needed. Duration is Line of Sight.

Feed On Magic: This creature can actually drain the magic from an object or person and gain sustenance from it.  They must have the object in their possession or in the case of larger objects, have unobstructed access to it.  In the case of people, they must be willing, unconscious, sleeping or helpless.  The creature makes a 5 count. (Feed on Magic 1, Feed on Magic 2, Feed on Magic 3…) which may be interrupted by anyone as per normal rules.  If the count is successful than any potion or scroll or 1/ever items are destroyed.  Items that have x/times per day lose one use, and individuals are affected by a Dispel Magic effect.  Permanent items or items with constant effects (like a magic sword) are not affected.  (See Suppress Ritual Magic for effects against permanent magical items.) Some creatures gain beneficial effects from feeding on magic (example: healing from or abilities recharging)

Flesh to Stone: This attack may be a carrier attack or a packet delivered attack, and turns the victim into a stone statue.  The target has a 10 normal threshold, and is very heavy to carry.  It requires 10 people in order to move them. Each +1 strength possessed counts as an extra person.  They can be subject to a killing blow if their threshold can be breached.  This attack can be Magical or Alchemical and can be protected against with the appropriate defenses. This effect is permanent until removed with a dispel magic if Magical, or the appropriate antidote if Alchemical. If the victim dies while stone they will revert to their normal form.

Fracture: This skill is delivered by packet, bite or strike and will cause a limb (arm or leg) to break and become useless. (If packet delivered the caster must specify which limb is to be broken, if they do not then the victim is free to choose.) The broken limb may be used for nothing, not even locomotion. On humanoids, arms or legs count as limbs although pincers, tentacles etc. qualify as limbs on many other creatures. The spell may not be countered by Dispel Magic. A Fracture may be treated with Restore Limb, as well as non-magical means such as medical skills.

Free Action: Monster cannot be immobilized or slowed in any way.

Frost Bite: The targets hands become unbearably cold. Both of the target hands are disarmed for 5 minutes, during which time they may not hold items including weapons, and may not cast any spells. If the target roleplays warming their hands for 1 minute they regain the use of their hands and are no longer disarmed. The target may still run.

Gaseous Form: The Monster may turn into air or mist. While in this form they are immune to all attacks, and also may not attack anything. They may only move at a normal walking pace, and may not carry or move objects. Any clothing and possessions also turn to air or mist.

Gaze Attack: This attack requires the Monster to meet the target’s gaze for 10 seconds.  The Monster does not have to count out loud.  After the 10 second count, the Monster may call “Gaze <Effect>”.  This is a Magical effect that can be defended against with an appropriate battle magic spell or ability, but not with a dodge.

Gore: The monster prepares to Gore with a 3 count (“Prepare to Gore 1, Prepare to Gore 2…”.) It then may charge at a target and swing once for greater damage, generally for 25 or 50 damage points, as per the Monster’s description.  If the Monster misses the attack, the ability is considered used.

Grab: The monster must touch its victim with one or both boffers on either a limb or the torso (depending on the monster description) and state “Physical Grab + X Strength”. Once hit, that limb is completely immobile and can’t be pulled form the Monsters grasp.  If the torso is hit then the person is considered to be in a “bind” and unable to use its arms.  In either case the victim can not move away from the monster until the grab is broken.  To resist a grab the victim must declare their strength value and if it is greater than the monsters, they can pull free of the grab with no other ill effects.  When a monster has a victim grabbed it may have other abilities it may use on the victim.  If the monster chooses to remove its boffer (or boffers) from the victim in order to defend itself or take other actions, the victim is free of the grab and may act normally.

Heal From <Effect>: This creature heals from taking a certain damage of type or effect.
Example: Heal From Spells. Any spells hitting the creature will heal it X Body, where X is defined in the individual Monster description. Must say “Heals From” when hit with effects.

Hivemind: The Monster is connected and controlled by the Hivemind.

Immune to “____”: Monster is immune to a certain damage type, school of magic, weapon type, etc. It represents a monster’s adaption to an environment and their natural resistances. Must say “No Effect” when hit with effects.

Juggernaut: These Monsters can not be instantly killed or dropped to their bleed count.  Either because of magical protections or sheer size.  They are immune to Death, Vital Blow, Execute, and any other effect that renders them at -1 Body or Death.  They are also immune to Dismember.

Minimize: Reduces damage dealt by a single source to only 1 point of damage. Must say ”Minimize” when hit with effects.

Nausea: Monster attack delivered by packet or carrier attack counts as a disease. Target is overwhelmed by nausea or sickness and cannot run or use tag skills. The duration is 10 minutes, unless removed by any means that removes a disease from the target.

No Back:  This creature has no discernible back and is immune to bonus damage from criticals.

No Spirit: This creature has no true spirit; it has been animated by some magic or outside force.  It cannot be targeted by any magic except those that would work on inanimate objects (such as spells that do Elemental damage.) Any other effects that require a spirit to work will also fail.

No Metabolism:  This Monster has no metabolism and does not need to breathe.  It is also immune to all alchemy except acid and cannot be affected by any ability that targets vital organs or requires a humanoid anatomy.

Non-Corporeal: This Monster is non-corporeal like a ghost or a shadow.  They may move through corporeal objects on a 3 count (“Phase through wall 1, phase through wall 2…), and they have Freedom of Movement. They cannot be pushed or pulled.

Obliterate: This powerful ability is one of the most feared to any mortal.  It is a Death effect that also weakens the very soul of the target. It will instantly kill them, and sever their spirit so they cannot receive a life spell.  Furthermore, the attack so weakens their spirit that when attempting to resurrect, the death will count as 2 deaths.

Pain, Curse of: The Monster throws a packet or spell-strikes a pain effect. This is a curse which causes the target to suffer 1 body point of damage after using any attack, blocking an attack, or using a tag skill. It can be cured via Dispel Magic or the Ajaunti Ceremony of Hex Breaking, otherwise the duration is 10 minutes.

Physical Impregnate: The monster implants an egg within the living host, which requires a 10 count. Gestation period varies.

Pin: This affect causes the target to have one foot pinned to the ground and is unable to move that foot. They may however pivot on that foot allowing them to change facing. The pinned target may rip free with +2 strength or greater, and will cause the target to take 2 body points of damage. Or they may cut free of the pin using any edged weapon on a 2 minute count. Stopping the count for any reason means they must restart.

Plague: This attack can be packet delivered or a carrier attack and counts as a disease. The target cannot run, is sickened with disease, and should role-play accordingly. Target can only heal up to 1 HP if they are bleeding out, no matter the source of Healing, until the disease is cured. If the target is over 1 HP when plagued, any additional Healing attempted will have no effect. The duration of this effect is 5 Days.

Pull: This monster may pull enemies using its superior strength.  It is a packet delivered attack, and the target must move quickly to the side of the monster once pulled. Some monsters may pull a target into a specific location as described by a Shaper.

Puppet (Formerly Enslavement): The victim of Puppet will perform any command given to them by the first person who speaks to them or offers a non-verbal instruction after the effect has been administered. These commands may include anything from killing a loved one to suicide. The effect is permanent until the victim receives either an Puppet Antidote, or dies and is resurrected in a new body. No other cures will work save for Ritual Magic. Note that the Elvish racial ability “Resist Psionics” can be used to resist this effect and the Wood Fae racial “Charm Break” may be used to cure it.

Rabid: Animals that are “Rabid” cannot be affected by Charm effects, as their minds are too far gone. If the animal has a bite attack, it now adds the “Nausea” carrier to the attack.  Physical description should be adjusted to include foaming at the mouth.

Raise Zombie: This spell must be cast on a target still within its 5 minute death count. If successful, it will raise a lesser rotten zombie under the control of the caster. The corpse’s spirit will not resurrect until the undead is destroyed or the duration expires. The control over the undead is absolute, including suicidal orders, and must be simple one sentence commands given by the necromancer. Any new commands will over-ride the last. A rotten zombie is little more than an animated body, moving slowly and fighting poorly. Unable to move at more than a walking pace, a rotten zombie has the following stats: 10 body, claws (or weapons given to it) that swing for 2 magic damage, +1 strength, undead state and a magic threshold. After 1 hour the rotten zombie will turn to dust and the spirit will depart to resurrect. While someone is raised as a zombie, their death count will continue. If their body is reduced to 0 while in their death count, they may be lifed and will return to normal. Otherwise, they must resurrect as normal.

Reduce Damage: The Monster reduces a certain type of damage. When hit with the appropriate damage type or descriptor the Monster should call “Reduced” to show that not full damage was taken.

Reflect (Physical, Magic, Fire, Etc.): The monster may reflect damage of a certain type back at the attacker.  Physical Reflects may reflect any physical attack, including Dismembers and Slays.  Reflect Magic can reflect any Magical attack.

Regeneration: Number of body points / x number of minutes, which is the number of body points regenerated per X minutes. Regeneration can only be stopped by a specific source (e.g., acid, fire, silver, etc…) and should be stated in the individual Monster’s description.

Ricochet: When a Monster is hit with a spell, they may call “Ricochet”. They then have 5 seconds to throw a packet and call “Magic < Name of Spell that hit you>” at any target.  You are not affected by the spell.

Resist (Physical, Magic, Fire, Etc.): Resists one attack of <type>. In the case of spells that do elemental damage, then the appropriate elemental resist is needed.

Sense “_____”: This an Out of Game call which a Monster uses to sense things. Some examples are: “sense life”, “sense <sphere of Magic>” or “sense <crafting skill>”.

Shadow Walk: Monsters in shadows can become invisible and non-corporeal.  As long as they are in shadows, they may move in and out of game with a 3 count.  While Shadow-walked, the Monster can still see and hear around them, and will still “sense” as being present.

Shatter: A weapon- or packet-delivered attack.  This will cause any weapon or shield held or carried by the target to shatter. If a specific weapon or shield is hit, that item takes the Shatter.  If the target itself is hit, it may chose which item takes the Shatter, but must choose items held in its hands before any others.

Shun: This packet delivered attack influences the mind of the target causing it to force the body to avoid the caster at all costs. Under the effect of shun, the target may not come within ten feet of the caster, and while aware the Caster is there, will not attack the Caster for any reason. If the Caster approaches the target, the target will retreat if possible. If no retreat is possible the spell is not broken, but the target will move away at the next opportunity. It is a mind affecting Charm attack.

Slow Flesh to Stone: This ability works exactly like Flesh to Stone only the petrifaction process is slower.  Over the course of 1 minute the flesh of the victim will start to become harder and more stone-like.  At the one minute count the creature is turned completely to stone.  For the 1 minute petrification, the victim can still function at full ability, but does not gain any benefits of the threshold Flesh to Stone will give them.  Defenses to this effect must be called at the time the target is hit with the ability.  If it is a Magical effect it can be removed with a Dispel Magic; if it is Alchemical, it can be removed with the appropriate antidote.

Soft Resist: This ability is something the Monster Marshal or Shaper will add to an existing monster.
The call is “Soft Resist” and it can be used to resist any effect that will take the monster out of combat.
The purpose of this skill is to allow certain specific monsters to challenge larger groups of PC’s and not go down too easily to one spell or ability.  Any ability that is resisted through a “Soft Resist” is not considered used for the day and will return to the player character in 30 minutes.

Example:  Player hits a boss monster with a cocoon spell.  The Boss calls “Soft Resist” and takes no effect from the cocoon.  30 minutes later the Player has regained his use of that cocoon spell.

Soul Leech: This is a form of killing blow that is done with a 5 count.  It takes the victim from their bleed count to their 5 minute count and heals the Monster to full body, as well as restoring any natural armour.

Spider “Web” ability: Packet-delivered “Spider Web Poison”.
This stacking alchemical packet-attack will be a Pin effect upon the 1st successful hit, a Bind effect on the 2nd hit and a Cocoon effect on the 3rd hit. The Pin effect can be ripped free from with +2 Strength (taking 2 body damage), or cut free with a 2 minute count.  The Bind effect can be ripped free with +4 Strength (taking 4 body damage), and the Cocoon effect can be ripped free with +8 Strength (taking 8 body damage) and can be cut out with a 8 minute count.  You only need to free yourself from the greatest effect in order to be free.  (e.g., If you rip free of the bind, you are also free of the pin at no additional damage).

Example: 1st successful hit is a Pin that requires +2 strength to rip from causing 2 body damage or 2 minutes to cut from. 2nd successful hit is a Bind and Pin effect that requires +4 strength to rip from, causing 4 damage or 4 minutes to cut from. 3rd successful hit is a Cocoon effect that requires +8 strength to rip from causing 8 body or 8 minutes to cut from. You can’t cut yourself from a bind or cocoon.
Being released by any method resets the stack. Spider Webs will act as alchemical gas globes for all purposes, such as Alchemical Solvent, a Nightblade’s “Feint” ability, and Resist Toxin. However the webs are not within the bloodstream or system of the victim, so a Ranger’s Detoxify, a Druid’s totem change or a physician’s Physician would have no effect.  Spiders may naturally pick up and move anyone pinned in place by this ability on a 3 count.

Splashback Similar to Riposte, Splashback lets you respond to being hit with an attack, but instead of reflecting their attack back, the attacker is hit with a specific effect. Splashback does not prevent the damage/effect from hitting the creature that uses it.  It merely punishes their attack for hitting them.

Example: Fire elementals could have 5x “Splashback vs Melee: 15 Magic Fire”. So any time that elemental is hit with a melee attack it can respond with “Splashback: 15 Magic Fire” and its attacker will take the damage automatically.

The attacker only takes the damage if the splashback is called and the monster can only use this ability as quickly as it can call it.  It can not get hit 5 times and retroactively tell the attacks they take the splashback damage. Unless otherwise stated in the call, all splashback effects are considered getting hit with a packet delivered magic attack for the purposes of what defenses can defend from it.  Even though no packet needs to be thrown.

Some creatures may have Splashback vs something other than a melee attack. It could have <When hit with Psionic Spell> as their event, and the Splashback could be “5 Magic Body”.  In this case they only need to inform them of the Splashback after they are hit with the effect.

Stasis: The Monster has an ability which stabilizes the victim at 1 body point, and holds them unconscious. This can be a Magical effect or an Alchemical poison. If the target is healed to full health, they will regain consciousness.  The duration is 10 minutes, unless removed with Dispel Magic (if a Magical effect), <Type> Antidote if Alchemical, or if the target is healed to full health, and regains consciousness.

Stun: This attack stuns the target for 10 seconds. In this state the victim cannot attack, defend, move, or use any skill except those which are triggered automatically by an effect (e.g., magic armor, contingency, etc.). Creatures without metabolisms are immune to stun.

Summon: This monster skill can be used to summon various creatures. The Shaper will indicate which creature will be summoned at that time. The call for this skill is “Summon! <Creature(s)>”.

Suppress Ritual Magic: The Monster can temporarily suppress Ritual Magic it comes in contact with.  It must be touching the ritual item/circle and perform a 10 count. At the end of the 10 count, all rituals on the item or the circle will be suppressed until the Monster is no longer in contact with the item/circle.

“____” Threshold: Immunity to all sources of damage which do not exceed the stated threshold. There are 4 types of Thresholds, Normal, Silver, Magic, and Arcane.  Any racial vulnerabilities a creature has will automatically bypass its thresholds.

Undead State:
● Immune to all mind affecting conditions (charms, sap, stuns, feebleminds, confusion, etc.)
● Immune to ice/cold damage and effects.
● Immune to alchemy (and chemistry), minus physical damage such as acid globes.
● Immune to all poisons, diseases, and equivalent attacks that attack a living, physical body.
● Does not need to breath
● Quadruple damage from Healing magic, Healed by Infliction instead.
● Corruptive State (“driven to destruction”). Corruptive State is a mental state which exists in all undead, greater or lesser. It slowly drives the undead toward a hostile, destructive mindset with a hatred of everything living. Corruptive State allows for more sentient actions (such as the stalking and hunting of ghouls), and at the same time implies a degeneration of moralities, beliefs, etc. This is a progressive status, slowly affecting the mind over the course of months (for Lesser Undead) and years (for Greater Undead).
● Undead don’t require rest or sleep, although they’ll “go to ground” to avoid the sunlight. However, if placed into an area which exists in darkness 24 hours a day (such as underground), they’ll remain active continuously. Some undead require meat/flesh for sustenance and strength, but no Undead creature will die of starvation.
● All Undead can “Sense Life” at will.
● All Undead take 1 body point of damage per 10 seconds in daylight, and 1 body point of damage per second in direct sunlight.
● Undead are affected by Death spells and other Death effects.
● Undead have no bleed counts or death counts

Venom: The call for this skill is “Venom” and can be used as a bite, carrier or alchemical effect. Once hit with Venom they target is in constant pain from the venom (roleplay effect only). After 10 minutes the poison will have worked its way through the targets system and they take “Alchemical 25 Body Poison”. During that 10 minute duration, they are considered to be taking damage for skills or abilities that can be stopped by taking body damage with the exception that a physician can still cure the poison using their level 3 ability. This effect does not stack. While under the effects of Venom they cannot be affected again until the 10 minutes are up or the venom is removed from their system. This effect can be cured by any means that removes a poison from a target.

Vulnerability <Damage Type>: This Monster takes additional damage from a certain damage type.  (e.g., Vulnerability x4 Fire would mean it takes quadruple the damage from Fire attacks.)  Vulnerabilities always trump thresholds.  Any applicable Vulnerability will always work on a creature regardless of threshold, although other defenses may still be used.

Weakness: This effect can be alchemical or magical in nature and will drain the target’s strength, causing a strength loss of -8 and lowering the target’s weapon swings by -4 if they are using one handed weaposn or -8 if two handed, to a minimum of 1. This effect will last 1 hour and cannot be stacked. It can be cured with anything that cures an alchemical poison or removes a magical effect depending on type.

Weapon Guard: This effect functions as a Magic Armor with a Magic Shatter built in. The target will state “Weapon Guard: Magic Shatter your weapon”. The defense is triggered by a physical attack with a weapon, destroying it unless it has a means to resist. Unarmed attacks will also trigger this ability, but have no effect on the attacker’s health.


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