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Event Review - An Offer You Can't Refuse
Political nights are hit or miss, but we hope you liked ours! NPC camp worked hard to get the characters and goals just right, and ran a good camp. These groups will be setting the tone for the year, so hopefully you've chosen wisely!

And with that.. Tell us your thoughts! What did you like, what needs improvements, what are your favourite memories? Let us know!

Any concerns or major complaints, please feel free to email to speak to the Owners (myself and Dan) directly.
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Had a pretty good event overall. As far as tavern nights go I think this was one of the better ones I've been to.

Pros/Good Memories:
•  The NPCs were all really fleshed out and there was a lot of fantastic RP. The costumes, especially the ones Sureeta brought, looked absolutely spectacular, and I didn't see a single NPC fumbling for their name or why they were there.
• I have progressed from "too gay to live" as Ursel to "too gay to stay on this plane" as Ori.
• I really enjoyed the games that came around. Granted, I was terrible at all of them except the cup game. Like. Tragically bad.
• People came running to me when the clinic group came out to ask my opinion on it and somebody saw one of the merchants had an elf item for sale and immediately went and got me. That really warmed my heart.
• "Roland, are you trying to convert me to Styphon right after we did a prayer to Cassandra?"

•  I think the event really could have benefited from one or two more big fights in the sectioned off half, maybe against something other than undead so people without a magic weapon could do something other than moral support.
•  Regarding that fight, there were a staggering number of greater undead with no loot. It's demoralizing enough to use your skills and magic items and whatever to kill an undead and get nothing, but when they run out of loot halfway through the mod and make no effort to adjust then it's just become a waste of resources for the PCs with no payoff. I used the entirety of a 3/ever magic item and got nothing for it, which is frustrating.
•  While Jen took every effort to make sure the fish she brought were ok and taken care of I really don't think we should ever use live animals at LARP. Even small fish are living creatures and I am super uncomfortable setting a precedent for bringing animals into the middle of an uncontrolled environment where there's combat and the potential for people to crash into a table or throw a foam knife and land it in the container. MAYBE for a completely noncombat event but I really hope this sort of thing isn't done again.
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-Fish races! I thought this was amazing the moment I figured out what was happening.

-i spy a class trainer I might need

- all of the businesses that were up seemed fairly hashed out on a Rp aide of things.

- I love games, anything with a bit of chance or a bit of skill and had a lot of fun playing them.

- merchants! Was glad to see a bunch of stuff out there for sale.


-oh look more undead...again...
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(oog robert pitchure Email:

+ Town-building and local plot.
+ Enemies without thresholds like the Orcs and animals.
+ Warden-ing.
+ NPC costuming was excellent
Piece of garbage fire looking Einher.
-Every NPC that can out was amazing, they all had fleshed out and identifiable identities which helps tremendously with RP interactions. Can't wait to see more!
-Having a chance to influence the towns future.
-I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of loot during the table games, as well as the plethora of items on sale by the merchants. While I didn't buy much I simply loved having the option to look at what my coin could buy.
-I'm incredibly glad to have seen a newbie mod run at this event!
-The fighting pit was an excellent addition for those who didn't get their hands dirty with the undead/just wanted to let off some combat steam,  and it also gave opportunity for some great background ambiance.

Personal Highlights:
-The last set of choices were REALLY hard on a personal role-play level as each one appealed to a different aspect of the character's personality, aspirations, and goals. The overall event has pushed me to up my character development and I can't wait to keep the momentum going forward in the season.
-Accidentally giving animal RM to the ONE PERSON I shouldn't have, and immediately regretting my mistake.
-Chasing down a wild elf outside who was trying to bury my helmet.

-While I'm not a fan of threshold enemies (i.e. the undead) being the main enemy for a tavern event, I'm glad that they weren't a nuisance the entire event, and were phased out quickly in order to make room for the main event.
-I was a little disheartened by the lack of some positive meta with the new set of NPC's, with a couple retroactively created characters being written off as liar's for claiming to have been part of town despite never having been seen before. Not every NPC is the product of years of pre-planning, and I believe a little suspension of disbelief as the new team gets its footing goes a long way in keeping opportunities for the rest of the season open.  

Overall, I'm looking forward to rest of the season and can't wait to see whats going to come next. 9/10 would run out into the cold to get my armor back.
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