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  Hiring: 2018-2019 Head of Logistics!
Posted by: Ivanna - 08-28-2018, 03:02 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hiring: 2018-2019 Head of Logistics!

Sureeta has filled this role for the past year - and helped out with logistics for long before that. It's time for her to hang up her laptop and go back to just PCing. We're immensely grateful for all your amazing work, organization, and keeping us all on track and on time (mostly - it's not your fault I'm me). We can't thank you enough.

And with that, we need someone to step in and fill her shoes. We're looking for someone who can help with:

- Creating new characters and database accounts
- Creating and opening log in the database for each event (includes adding an event name and poster)
- Doing upkeep after game (which includes applying donation frags, marshal, npc and shaper frags)
- Printing and organizing character cards before game - this includes noting pre-pays received by us before game
- Attending at site by 6pm to open the log table
- Managing up to two assistants
- Doing logistics as game, which includes handing out cards, ensuring NPC shift opt-outs are paid at the table, helping people find their assigned cabins, dealing with log cash
- Updating PC and NPC stats (attendance numbers mostly) after game
- Assisting people with unlocking their new characters, which includes ensuring they pay the character unlock fee to Global
- Receiving and recording donations
- Applying  frags (donations, shifts, RP awards), unlocking, unlocking frag skills, races, vocations
- Providing prelog info to the shaper team
- Replying to emails (a daily task, by all accounts)
- Dealing with database issues 
- Ensuring magic items from visitors have and receive approval for each game from ownership
- Printing tags and other items before game
- Assist with managing NPLs (who does the speech), Armour Marshals (who will be at the table), Medical Marshals (ensuring certs are current) 
- Ensuring waivers and signed, scanned and uploaded, and filed in the waiver box.
- Creating and updating character card notes
- Assisting people with finding resources / answering questions (this does not include making Rules Calls)
- Communicating a lot with me and Dan. Mostly me. And optional reminding me to bring things such as the cash box, tavern book, armour marshal box, coins and tag tower

Experience with Google Docs, including Excel, or a willingness to learn fast is required. You must must must have excellent communication skills. 

Please send applications to contact@underworldralinwood.ca with "Head of Logistics" in the subject line. Applications will close by September 15th, and the incoming Head of Log will be expected to help with both the September and October events. Any questions about future items, contact me. Any questions about what it's like, ask Sureeta!

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  Head Medical Marshal - Mari Cage
Posted by: Ivanna - 08-08-2018, 04:27 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

We're hired a new Head Medical Marshal! Mari Caige will be taking up the mantle Julia so lovingly carried before. Mari has been a medical marshal for many years and has played at Ralinwood since the it's first game.

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  Stay In Game
Posted by: Ivanna - 07-12-2018, 12:29 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Immersion, Infernalism and being OOG]

Hey everyone. Long post incoming. Even the tldr is long. But it's important so give it a read. We'll also make a reminder during announcements. Chances of a monologue at announcements is TBD.

We've been hearing complaints about infernalism, people not staying IG, and people OOG breaking immersion for other players.

Immersion is one of the best parts of our games, and in fact, is one of the main features of our game. It lets people really get into character, into the emotions of it all, and into our world. Being In Game is what makes it all really real. Being IN Game is why people are AT game. And being In Game is even more important for our world - people come to game to believe in a fantasy world, to really become other races and creatures, to really see monsters, and really feel magic happening.

Being IG is especially important to our world since we have a period setting. We don't permit "infernalism" more than is necessary. We make small allowances for watches and water bottles and cooking, food and tents, but concessions should only go so far. We don't allow cell phones at game, we make people move their cars to the parking area, we do our best to cover up infernal items. People should be mindful not to talk infernally. We encourage period appropriate clothing, costuming, armour and camping gear as much as possible. (Btw - If you're looking, Epic Armoury does have a great collection of tools, equipment and accessories. And they're Canadian so they ship fast.). We in NPC camp do our best to find period clothes, lighting sources, and props to help keep everyone in period and, ideally, In Game. We do this to keep the world as real as possible.

However, we've been hearing that people are respecting neither people's desire to get into game, nor NPC camp's hard work to create the intense and realistic game world we want. So we're taking the time to remind you to Stay In Game. It's respectful. It's considerate. And frankly, it's required - it’s literally in our rules. You must Stay In Game.

This applies to both PCs and NPCs.

As PCs, you should be IG at all times while on site. You should stay IG in your camps, at the pool, in the tavern. You should not speak or act infernally. You should not go OOG for no reason. We are not an OOG social space. We are an In Game social space.

Travelling to / from NPC camp for shift is an exception for PCs (reminder that you cannot sleep OOG after a Friday night NPC shift. You are expected to go back into game as soon as you can after you leave your NPC shift).

Medical holds are the biggest exception - and it is why we have the medical chit system. You can read that policy here.

We also understand that people may just want to take a break from game. Taking an OOG break in an In Game space is not permitted. You can leave site for an OOG break if you need one. Dorchester is very close by, like a five minute drive, and they have a cute little town. Go there. Don't hang out OOG in In Game spaces.

Being OOG as a PC while on site without a medical chit is not only against the rules, it's rude. Being inconsiderate of others is a personal pet peeve of mine. If I hear you, I will tell you. I was polite about it before, but I'm going to stop being polite about it now. You have been warned. I'm licensed now.

A reminder that all spaces at site are IG spaces, unless they are a noted exception or NPC areas. Examples of noted OOG spaces are the kitchen area of tavern (we'll have curtains up this game), NPC cabin, Owners Cabin, medical cabin and NPC camp. The parking lot is like a semi neutral area, but be considerate of others still. If you are not sure, assume everything is an IG space and ask at your first chance. The pool is IG space, but a non-combat space. The cabins are IG spaces. The showers are IG spaces (please do not steal untagged clothing and no assault while using the shower. OOG safety trumps, always).  

This also goes hand in hand with meta gaming things you see / hear in NPC camp, whether when on shift or asking questions.

Metagaming is cheating. You should not bring meta knowledge into game. Don't do it. Your character and your person can, in fact, know different things, and you can also keep meta things to yourself. It's been playtested, and it works. You can do it too.

In short, as a PC, stay IG as much as you can. It's the rules AND it's fun for everyone.

As an NPC, you are also expected to help keep PCs IG unless it's unavoidable. Many of our NPCs already do this, and we're so grateful for your care and consideration.

As an NPC, you spend a lot of time OOG. When you are OOG, you should have little to no reason to interact with someone who is IG. If you are OOG, in fact, you should avoid breaking immersion in any way. Talking, waving, using bright lights, shuffling through tags, walking through groups of PCs or through camps instead of around them, sitting by the fire without a purpose, laughing at someone's misfortune, among other things, can all count as breaking someone's immersion, and should be avoided or minimized. If you want to socialize, socialize with your OOG battle buddies in NPC camp or in the NPC cabin.

We will be discouraging NPCs from standing outside NPC camp and chatting OOG,  given that it's in the middle of town. However, NPC camp is a small space and it gets hot in there, so we'll probably be setting up one of our pop up shelters outside. We will remind NPCs to keep it down while outside. We're new to site so we're still working out those kinks. Bear with us while we work it out.

In short, NPCs are meant to MAKE not BREAK the world. Make it so.

We're not saying it's all of you. We're not even saying it's many of you. If we have a specific issue with you, we WILL talk to you. We also take complaints seriously. So we're making a general post, so everyone knows the community rules and what is expected.

This reminder has to come up every so often. It happens that people get comfortable around their friends, and that's expected. I get it. I really do. Have you met Dan? But let's all remember that when you're AT game, you're at GAME. You can hang out OOG before game. You can hang out OOG on your NPC shift. You can hang out OOG at afters. You can even hang out OOG at socials or at cons or at sushi. There's lots of OOG time and lots of hang out options. But In Game time - the Live Action part of LARP - is limited. It's only once a month. It's only those hours we're all on site. And it's what you're here for. Make those hours really count! Stay In Game.

Staying IG as a PC is the rule.
Don't be infernal. It's illegal. Violators may be executed.
Don't metagame. It's cheating and it's shitty. Violators may be vetoed from game.
Tavern is an IG space. Pool is an IG space. Showers are an IG space. Don't steal untagged clothing.
Taking OOG breaks in In Games spaces is not allowed. If you need a break you can get medicaled out, or you are allowed to leave site.
Keeping PCs IG is the rule for NPCs. NPCs should not be taking PCs OOG unless it's unavoidable.
This is a general reminder for everyone.
IG time is limited. Use it wisely. Or poorly. Your choice there. But use it while In Game.

Super tl/dr;
Stay In Game.

As always, if you have concerns, comments or complaints please email contact@underworldralinwood.ca.

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Posted by: Dan Finn - 07-04-2018, 11:44 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

Prelog for July at our new site (exciting!) will be opening shortly, so we wanted to take a second to address the cost of event you'll be seeing (which is part of the delay).
The new site is, to be honest, more expensive than Peacekeeper is. It makes sense - we have more space to use, washroom facilities with plumbing, no noise curfew, more buildings, and a bunch of other things. The space is especially important - with the way we've grown over the last few years, we've just outgrown the space Peacekeeper has to offer. But, with great space comes great... extra costs. So, if we want to keep using the new site (and they want us to keep using them!) we will have to raise the cost of game slightly. So, when we play at Stevenson's, game cost will be set at $50. Season Pass holders, this does mean an additional $5 per event we're at Stevenson's.
We want to apologize for the back and forth on game costs this year, and the moving schedule (whiiich may also still happen again. Stay tuned for potential polls on moving dates for September and October). It's a big transitional year for us, which has happened very unexpectedly. Mostly because we did not expect to find such an excellent new site. We could hardly pass it up. Seriously. 

In additional really good news: Stevenson has let us know that they are looking forward to having us back ALL of next year. Next year, it will be our new home for good and true! You really impressed them last time - things were cleaned up well and Ralinwood really did put it best foot forward - both IG and OOG, but especially OOG. You otherwise murdery hobos.
It opens up a lot of potential options. There are lots of cool places for mods, more buildings, more immersive spaces can be created. There's talk of letting us put down our own storage shed. With the cabins as they are, we are even discussing the possibility of winter weekend events. Still pending but so far not a hard no!

In short: Game fees are going up to be $55 ($50 with prelog) per weekend. Pick your camp cabins and campsite though - the new site is ours!

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  Donations 2018
Posted by: Ivanna - 06-06-2018, 09:54 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

Ralinwood is lucky to have a very supportive player base, and we frequently receive offers for donation without even having to ask. Something players don't always realise, though, is how different NPC camp's needs can be from those of an individual PC. We need different props and weapons from what a detailed character might want, because we need them to be as low-maintenance and versatile as possible. While we appreciate the volume of donation offers we receive, things that were handy for a recent character aren't always useful to us in the same way and meanwhile, items that we badly need are overlooked on the donation list.

Please find our list of wanted items below. We will not be accepting donations that do not appear on the list below, unless you obtain Ownership approval (from Ivanna and/or Dan) AND ALSO email logistics@underworldralinwood.ca to let them know you've been approved to donate BY THURSDAY BEFORE A GAME.

When bringing items to game, check them it at Logistics table to be recorded. Do not hand them to me or Dan. I promise we will lost them promptly.

If you have a cool item, idea, prop or costuming piece, please please please email us at contact@underworldralinwood.ca and let us know! Chances are good someone will find a use for it.

Currently Needed:

5 Frags
3 Stillettos (crossguard required)
Boffer Daggers
Arrows - 5 frags each (boffer arrows) x2 dozen

10 Frags
1-handed spear boffers (x2 max)
Bastard swords 

15 Frags
Greatsword / Two handed swords x3
2h Spear x2

Packets. White or Orange.
25 Frags for 150 Packets

Smoke Bombs 
5 frags each for regular sized smoke bombs  https://www.rocketfireworks.ca/wpgw.html
10 frags each for large smoke bombs https://www.rocketfireworks.ca/eg.html

Flares (retail value; $3:1 frag estimated value, $2:1 with receipt) 

Prosthetics (retail value; $3:1 frag estimated value, $2:1 with receipt)
Goblinoid noses
Ears - short elf ears, fae ears, goblinoid ears

None needed currently 

Costuming (retail value; $3:1 frag estimated value, $2:1 with receipt)
Men's Large and XL sized tartans / kilts
Poofy / harem pants
Linen pants with drawstrings
Vests (larger sizes preferred)
Peasant blouses in Medium and XL
Peasant skirts - from XS to XL 
Dwarf beards 
Always accepting quality jackets 
Tricorns, bowler hats and top hats

Other items (retail value; $3:1 frag estimated value, $2:1 with receipt)
Red, white, GREY, black facepaint
Christmas or "Garden party" lights (strings of lights) 
Solar lamps (to put on the ground around site) - $1 lights are fine, $2 : 1 frag with receipt
White, Orange, or Green Glow sticks
Spirit gum
Fake flowers (approval required - we want the kinds with stems and the kind on vines. Please email ralinwoodshapers@gmail.com).
Small notebooks (period appropriate) 
Battery powered LED eyes, preferably “double”, i.e. four eyes, purple or blue LEDs
Yellow armbands
Date stampers
Garbage bags
Permanent markers
Garbage bins w/ clips (mouse proof)
Baby wipes

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  5081 Gore Road - New Site Map
Posted by: Ivanna - 05-16-2018, 01:53 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Can be found here! 


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  Game Fees 2018
Posted by: Ivanna - 05-04-2018, 01:38 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Game Costs
One-day events: $35
Three-day events: $45
Four-day (double blanket): $50

Season Pass price: $5 discount on each event (available until February of each year)

Bunks: $10/weekend
Cabins: $150/weekend 

Information about cabins at Stevenson's - http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums...p?tid=4573
Information about cabins at Peacekeeper Park -

Admin Costs
Character creation fees (to unlock new characters): $15 to Underworld Canada (payments@larp.ca)

Character transfer fee (to transfer a character between guilds): $35 to Underworld Canada (payments@larp.ca)

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  New database is live! (April 23rd)
Posted by: Ivanna - 05-04-2018, 01:25 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Check out the new database here: http://underworldlarp.com/logistics/login.php
Use your regular login information. Go in and check your characters now. 

Updating and Prelogging

I have posted a guide to prelogging in the new DB below - go check it out.

Restricted Remorts
If rules that affect your character have changed, you are likely entitled to a restricted remort. A restricted remort is offered where a rule has changed and allows the player to choose to lose the skill / ability which has changed.

We are also now accepting restricted remort requests. Please fill out your request in this form. We will announce generally when we finish reviewing all the requests. We will likely not contact you directly. 

We will be accepting requests until May 16th.

Questions - to Log Team!
Questions, concerns, please email to logistics@underworldralinwood.ca.

Enjoy the new rules!
See them here:
Core Rulebook - http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/wp-con...-5.6.1.pdf
Soul Frag Rulebook - http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/wp-con...ok-2.3.pdf

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  How to Prelog in the New Database - 2018
Posted by: Ivanna - 05-04-2018, 01:12 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

New databse is live! (Has been for a few weeks). 

Same database link as before - http://underworldlarp.com/logistics/login.php

For instructions on how to apply blankets, update a character, and prelog, see this guide.

Thanks, Phil

Please email any questions you may have to logistics@underworldralinwood.ca.


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  Cabin Rentals (Stevenson's)
Posted by: Ivanna - 04-05-2018, 06:48 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

Location: 5081 Gore Road, Dorchester

We'll be renting whole cabin privately as well as individual bunks. 

Bunk: $10 / weekend

Private Cabin: $150 / weekend (19 bunks total)

There are six cabins up for rent. Each cabin has a total of 19 beds. All the cabins have electricity and heat.

We will assign bunks spaces / cabins for May. If we are permitted to return, we would be happy to start the 'reserving a cabin for the season' process. If a camp wishes to obtain a cabin for the whole season, they may do so.

Cabin users will now be required to sign an agreement to use the bunks (just a little one, mostly dealing with cleaning up afterwards! I assure you, there are no sneaky clauses.)

Everyone who uses an individual bunk will be collectively responsible for cleaning up the cabin at the end of game. Individual bunk users will be required to 'sign out' before they leave. I will know who was there, and if the cabin is not cleaned up afterwards, I WILL send a sternly worded email about it. Our new site is really beautiful, and has amazing facilities, and we want to continue to play there.

If renting a private cabin, we ask that one person sign the agreement and be responsible for the whole cabin. They will be the one paying and making sure the cabin gets cleaned up afterwards. Since we are giving a discount (like $40, that's basically 4 free bunks) to anyone who wants to rent a whole cabin, we expect that you will all share the cost of renting a private cabin. If we find out that someone rents a whole cabin, then charges people more than their fair share to stay in the cabin (whatever that may be, i.e. if the one who rents the cabin makes off wit money), that person will not be permitted to rent a cabin again.

We expect players to remain IG in their cabins at all times, bags and items included, expected for designated OOG bags (which should be clearly marked with white tape / ribbon. Rules about 'tent raiding' (that a Marshal must be present if you wish to steal from someone or go through their items) continue to apply.

You may reserve or pre-pay for a Cabin or Bunk. You can pay on site at logistics or pay in advance online to guarantee yourself a spot.
E-transfer: Ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca
PayPal:  paypal.me/ralinwood

Cabins may not be locked unless an IG lock exists. Locks will work on the cabins as they are permanent structures. The lock must be approved by a marshall, tagged and repped appropriately as per the rulebook. Cabins may never be OOG locked.

Combat in cabins is permitted but we ask that you be mindful of the building and furniture.

The rules for searching someone's possessions in a cabin are the same as in a tent - you must have a marshal present. If you are not one of the individuals renting the cabin, you may not enter without a marshal or renter present, or without a renter's invitation. As with tents, we ask that you clearly mark your OOG possessions with something white.

How to book
You can book cabins once Prelog opens for that event.
First come first serve.

Please email ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca to book spaces.

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