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  Hiring: Costuming and Props Director
Posted by: Ivanna - 02-04-2020, 12:34 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Game is big enough now that the time has come: We need someone to manage our growing inventory of weapons, armour and cosutming. We are looking for someone to take on the full-time role of Costuming and Props Director for Ralinwood (for at least this season but there will be a chance to come back). And while your first job will be keeping camp organized during game and managing the inventory, this job also comes with some creative perks! We are also looking to hire someone who is interested in designing and creating costuming, props and set dressing for game as well! This role comes with a small budget for purchasing items required to craft. If you have always wanted to participate but maybe RP or combat aren't for you, if are both creative and organized, and if want to make Ralinwood that much greater-looking and feeling, there is finally a job is for you!

In this job you will be primarily supporting the NPC team. The idea is that you the one who makes sure that their mods go out looking great, keep things organized so they can find things quickly and easily, and keep things neat so no one goes more bananas than they need to. And while this role comes with some creative license (you are being paid to make stuff, and Dan WILL want you to make cool stuff), this role remains primarily a support role. That means that if a shaper does not want your input or wants to do something different with their mod / NPC, the Shaper has final say.

People with sewing, leatherworking, cos-playing, or film and theatre production will likely be more successful (based on their existing experience); we welcome all applicants! Being able to lift / bend / twist is not required, accommodations can be made for anyone who cannot do these things. Being organized is a must though. Right now we are looking for someone who is not already a Season NPC or Shaper to join the team, but if the right team member wants to jump to this role we'd be willing to consider them.

We envision the job will include the following duties:

Between Games:
Designing costuming, props and set dressing items at Shapers' request
Creating (or sourcing / commissioning) special props, costuming and set pieces at Owner's request
Keeping an inventory of costuming, props and equipment (the idea being if Shapers need something someone knows if we already have it and where it is)
Sourcing and commissioning / purchasing / creating costuming and props between games (purchasing will be subject to Ivanna's approval)
Maintaining costuming, props, equipment (especially armour)
Laundry, repairs and mending as required

At Event:
Set up town set dressing (lanterns, sign posts, notice board, skein gate)
Keeping NPC camp and the shed neat and organized during game
Cleaning up NPC camp and the Sanctuary as needed
Maintaining costuming, props, equipment (especially armour)
Laundry, repairs and mending as required
Going to town if we need something and getting that thing (sometimes, probably mostly for tavern if Ivanna cannot go)
Occasionally going out on NPC roles (if you like - recurring characters only!)

If you are interested please apply using this form: https://forms.gle/6d6hD72VoeBtBYLF7

Applications Close February 16th. The successful candidate will be announced in late February. 

Questions can be directed to Ivanna via Facebook messenger. I am giving up on my emails except for record-keeping purposes pls just PM me.

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  Event Costs 2020
Posted by: Ivanna - 01-25-2020, 12:51 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Costs and Fees

Game Costs
One-day events: $45, $40 with prelog
Three-day events: $60, $55 with prelog
Double blanket events: $80, $75 with prelog

Season Pass 
Price TBD

Electronic payments for Ralinwood events and frags
Payments meant for Ralinwood items may be sent via:
- E-transfer to: ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca
- Paypal to: Paypal.me/ralinwood

Bunks: $10/weekend
Private Cabins: $150/weekend

Information about cabins at Stevenson's: http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums...p?tid=4573

Admin Costs
Character creation fees (to unlock new characters): $15

Character transfer fee (to transfer a character between guilds): $35
Please pay using this link: https://underworldlarp.com/product/character-transfer/

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  2020 Shaper Responsibilites / Emailing the Shapers
Posted by: Ivanna - 01-06-2020, 11:41 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Underworld LARP is a Live Action Role Playing game - therefore, our game is all about the things that happen live, at our events. But, since the world continues to turn and churn between games, we get that there are things that need upkeep between the live events. When items must be handled between games, please email our general shaper gmail, and tag the Shaper in the subject line like this: "[Agustin] Prayer to Celeste"; "[Dan] I'm trying to open the hellgate"; '[Angela] I want to contact Frost"; "[Corri] Looking for the cultists; [Ashley] Searching at the docks; [Mari] Looking for the BRR".

Please note: This email / Discord / the forums are not meant to engage players in day-to-day kind of RP or mundane scenes. The email is supposed to be used to take care of business items between games. We do not expect Shapers to run plots between games, and we have instructed Shapers not run runs plots / important items online. If Shapers choose to run scenes by email / Discord, etc., this is an extra they are offering yo do for you and they're great for doing it. 

**DO NOT MESSAGE THE SHAPERS ON FACEBOOK OR PERSONALLY. USE THE SHAPER EMAIL ONLY.**Shapers who receive plot/game messages to their personal emails / facebook are permitted to ignore you.

Email:  ralinwoodshapers@gmail.com


Plot Items / Magic Items: Daniel - please email finn3570@gmail.com for matters involving Dan.

NPC Factions:
The “Sheaf” - Blood Moon / Two Feather / Undead Hunter Am’ranth/Catacombs - Angela
Docks / Navy - Ashley Clark
Merchants - Corri
Farms / Blood Red Rose - Mari
Traduceri (Ajaunti Caravan) - Ashley Clark
Bloodbringer Orcs - Ashley Clark
Marauders and the Dread Fleet - Daniel, Angela to assist
Pavilions / Regent - Mari
Cult of Physignathus - Corri
Citadel / Church of light local Abbey - Dan / Corri
God’s Champions - Dan / Agustin, Mari to assist
Dragon Favoured - Dan / Jason

IG Groups and organizations:
Thieves Guild / Underbelly Black Market - Jason
Bounty Hunters Guild - Ashley Clark
Republic Arcanist Collective (R.A.C.) - Agustin
Mage’s Tower - Jason
Alchemists’ Guild  - Jason
Monster Hunters (high risk for very high reward for a small groups of high-level PCs) - Aaron Dorman 
Lowbies - Mari

Marshals and Miscellaneous
Demons + Demon marshal - Dan
Traps / locks marshal - Robert Pitchure
Fae marshal - Angela
Mystics / Mysticism marshal - Corri
Backstories administrator - Agustin

* Note re Vocations:
Vocations trainers have not been assigned this year. Please first look to your fellow PCs to be your teachers. If you do not find a trainer, please feel free to email the shaper gmail with the subject "Looking for Vocation Trainer" and let us know which vocation you are looking for.

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  2020 Season Schedule (FINALIZED)
Posted by: Ivanna - 12-05-2019, 05:16 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

2020 Season Schedule

Off Season:
January 25th, 2020 - Tavern Night - London Legion Hall (Oakland Ave)
February 22, 2020 - Tavern Night - London Legion Hall (Oakland Ave)
March 21, 2020  - Tavern Night - London Legion Hall (Oakland Ave)
April 18 (Market Day) - Site TBD

On Season:
May 15-18, 2020 - 4 Day Weekend - Stevenson Children's Camp
June 19-21, 2020 - Weekend - Stevenson Children's Camp
July 10-12, 2020 - Weekend - Stevenson Children's Camp
August 14-16, 2020 - Weekend - Stevenson Children's Camp
September 18-20, 2020 - Weekend - Stevenson Children's Camp
October 23-25, 2020 - ALL HALLOWS - Stevenson Children's Camp
November 21 -  MASQUERADE BALL - Site TBD

December 12, 2020 - Highwinter  - Site TBD (we expect it will be Stevenson)


One-day events: $45 / $40 with prelog
Three-day events: $60 / $55 with prelog
Four-day (double blanket): $80 / $75 with prelog

* Subject to change

Season Passes:
Price: TBD

Bunks: $10/weekend
Cabins: $150/weekend (private rental)

Information about cabins at Stevenson's - http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums...p?tid=4573
Information about cabins at Peacekeeper Park - http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums...p?tid=3397

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  Highwinter Wishes 2020 - the Rules
Posted by: Ivanna - 11-27-2019, 12:24 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies


Ah, the early winter air, the cold mornings, the impending doom of snow and ice, always puts Father Nicholi in the best of moods. This year is no different, and if he is pleased by their performance,  Father Nicholi will grant a few lucky people's Highwinter Wishes. Highwinter Wishes will be collected during game time, sometime, but will be granted after event - and only if you have pleased  Father Nicholi, of course.

The catch is,  Father Nicholi will only grant a wish that is within his power (Reasonable.) If your name is drawn and Father Nikolai is unable to grant the wish, he will simply draw a new person's wish from the hat. So - be creative, be greedy, be bold, but be realistic, or risk losing out on your wish! 

If you want to add your wish to the hat, bring your wish written on a piece of paper and hand it in at the right time, in game. DO NOT EXPECT PAPER TO BE PROVIDED BY LOGISTICS OR ANYONE ELSE. If you do not bring your own paper, your wish will not be added to the hat for granting (as the wish does not exist!).  Wishes can be submitted by and for anyone who has paid to play the event, as you are considered present and in-game when you've paid to play. Wishes submitted after the event ends will not be accepted. 

On the paper please include#
 (1) Character Name and 
 (2) Player Name, and 
 (3) a preferred email address - as well as  
 (4) your wish.

NEW PLAYERS are encouraged to submit Highwinter wishes as well!

Travellers / Visitors may submit wishes as well.

Good Luck and happy wishing!

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  Hired: 2020 NPC Team
Posted by: Ivanna - 11-25-2019, 09:11 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Our NPC team for 2020 is....

Head of Plot
Daniel Finn

Angela Scarlett
Ashley Clark
Corri Dawson
Mari Cage
Jason Bilow

Monster Marshals
Michael Durin
Aaron Dorman

Season NPCs / Narrators
Anthony Gerbrandt
Thai Bach
Victoria James
Dylan Gardener
Robert (Jin) Pitchure
Colton Schug
Raymond Reilly
Katharine Ha
Frisk Reaman

Not a Shaper

We look so forward to the year with you all!

Thank you to everyone (all 10 of you!) who applied. You did not make it an easy choice for Daniel. There were so many strong candidates and stellar applications. If you didn't get in this year, we would invite you to apply again next year. Maybe it won't be such a tough field.

Edit January 6: New Season NPCs have been added! Welcome to Raymond, Frisk and Katherine!

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  Medical Holds at All Hallows - Return of the PC Pumpkin Rule
Posted by: Ivanna - 10-23-2019, 08:54 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

With thanks to Dustin Hitchcock for the idea and write-up.

So, it's almost Hallows, a time for running, hiding, and hopefully not dying. Last year I think we all saw an unusual amount of medical-related weirdness. But rather than griping about that, I want to put forward a new possible rule for hallows. And it shall be dubbed...


Stage 1: Accidents happen, and like every horror movie, the person who trips usually ends up having their role cut shot. With this in mind, if you're being run down, and you write a cheque your body can't cash, and wipe out calling a medical hold... the bad stuff is still gonna happen. You, the player, will be taken care of with the utmost care of a medical hold... however, your character will sadly be out of luck. Injury, be it involuntary or not, you will not be given a "free pass" to escape your fate. 

The player on a medical hold will be sent to their tent to recover. They cannot sit in NPC camp and cannot stay in game “on a medical hold”.  Since they require recovery time, they will be given recovery time!

But there is a clause! During this hold if another player is locked in this hold with all of you, stage two will take effect.

Stage 2: So there is a healthy player locked in the medical hold with you. They now have the option to be your savior! Should the injured player be unable to continue on, the NPC will offer the healthy player the option to be your pumpkin bearer. They can turn it down if they wish as this will be quite the burden. If yes, this moves to stage 3!

Stage 3: Your valiant hero has a 5 minute window (like death count), after agreeing and the hold ending, to make their way to NPC camp to retrieve the PC PUMPKIN (only a limited number will be available). A small contract will be made and by the powers of Hallows, that injured PC has been transformed into a PUMPKIN! Completely at the mercy of the world around them. The pumpkin-bearer will be responsible for this vegetable until the OOG medically held player comes to retrieve it and return their form. If the pumpkin is crushed, the player is crushed, eaten/eaten, lost... stuck in that form forever... until they choose to resurrect. 

So the life of a pumpkin isn't great, but hey, at least you're alive.

Stage 4: The injured player has recovered, has been cleared by a Medical Marshal, and is ready to re-enter the game. Well, you gotta find yourself first. The formerly injured player will travel OOG to find themselves, hopefully intact, with your pumpkin-bearer nearby, as they will be the only ones able to hear your cry to change back. At this point you both return to NPC camp, and you return to your character's state before the medical hold was called. If you missed your re-memorize time, you've missed it. But you are now free to rejoin the game! 

In order to make use of this policy, you must request it. We will not "offer" this to you during a medical hold.  Breanna will be at the logistics table to go over the  PC Pumpkin policy with you if you have any questions.

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  *Must Read - All Hallows Warning*
Posted by: Ivanna - 10-23-2019, 08:53 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

This is the obligatory All Hallows Warning.

To those of you who have attended an Underworld All Hallows event before, you know what I am about to say. To those attending their first All Hallows, please read carefully.

All Hallows events at Underworld are some of the most intense LARP experiences you can have. Everyone who's ever attended has a story to tell about All Hallows. Events they've PC'ed are some of the most amazing and exciting stories, but also, some of the most emotionally intense and terrifying experiences they've had. We don't want to scare people into not attending, or worse, not playing their main PCs, because these events really are a ton of fun. But, surviving All Hallows without a death is something to be proud of - All Hallows are meant to be deadly. Don't expect plot to scale monsters at this event. We will not pull our punches. We want you to feel the terror we love to play with.

It was an All Hallows event that the motto "RUN -- FIGHT -- HIDE" came from. We ramp it up even more this event. Running and Hiding are more your friends than ever.

You will be hunted. You will be chased. There will be things hiding in the dark. The point of this event is to make you feel dread, fear, terror. This won't be all the time, but it will happen. I'm letting them off the leash, and they're coming for you.

With that said, while we might be cruel and heartless to your characters, we will always remember that you are paying customers who deserve fairness and respect on an Out Of Game level. Though things may seem hopeless and miserable IG, you can usually run away from most encounters. Usually.

If things get too intense, we will not stop you from leaving the game. We ask that you be fair with this power - we all know that we're playing a dark fantasy LARP, and being terrified is half the fun! We ramp it right up to horror this game, complete with jump scares. But we want you to look out for your OOG health first and foremost. For that reason, we've created a medical / injury policy that must be read by all - see here.

And finally - please dress warm. Bring extra socks. We are not expecting sub-zero temperatures, and our cabins are heated, but we recommend that you prepare for anything, including rain and snow.

We will see you out there. And beware.

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  Hiring: 2020 Shapers and Season NPCs
Posted by: Ivanna - 10-04-2019, 04:33 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Now hiring: Next year's team evil!

Experience required:
1 year PCing (at Ralinwood preferred)
Dungeon Master / Game Master / Shaper experience an asset but not required
Acting, set dressing, costuming, film, drama, game design experience an asset but not required

Create NPCs, create places, dungeons, villains, heroes, victims, deaths, tragedy, sailing shanties - you think it, you can make it
Writing Season Plot alongside the Head of Plot or Lead Shaper
Work closely with Season NPCs to send out recurring characters
Writing, staging, executing and marshaling mods
Preparation work between games (creating costumes, masks, makeup, reps, props)
Preparing and writing tags before and at game
Answering the shaper email / plot requests between games
Occasionally running scenes on the forums, Discord or by email
Occasionally NPCing roles
Managing NPCs and NPC camp
Managing camp / faction plot - see the list of those here: http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums...p?tid=4790
Assisting other Shapers with carrying out mods
Set up NPC camp before game / clean up after game
Other duties are required

Your term as Shaper would start at Highwinter 2019. You'll be on the team until All Hallows 2020.

You are expected to be able to attend all On Season games. If you can't / don't attend the majority of events, we reserve the right to remove/ replace you.

Apply: https://forms.gle/Dvm8QA3bFFLSGLeQ8

Season NPC / Narrator:

Experience required:
One year of PCing Underworld (Ralinwood preferred)
Solid (SOLID) awareness of the Rulebook
Acting / theater / drama / film / game moderating an asset but not required

Bring the Underworld to life. You are its lifeblood.
Attend games
Prepare and enact at least three (3) recurring NPCs
Assist with hooking mods / doing plot dump
Assist with managing shift NPCs
Set up / take down of NPC camp before and after game
Assist with marshaling mods
Occassional writing / preparation work between games
RPing scenes on the forums, Discord, over email between games (as requested by Shapers)
Manage costumes, masks, makeup
General NPC camp tidying
Other duties as required

Your term as a Season NPC would start at Highwinter 2019. You'll be on the team until All Hallows 2020.

You are expected to be able to attend all On Season games. If you can't / don't attend the majority of events, we reserve the right to remove/ replace you.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/F5GtRWbhYZaNdxVe9

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  Ralin-Hallows 2019 NPC Sign Up
Posted by: Ivanna - 09-30-2019, 09:37 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

((Prelog is not open. This is just prep work.))


I know it’s almost a month away, but our first shaper meeting of Ralin-Hallows 2019 is being held next week, so it is time to get planning!

As is our custom, we're not doing NPC shifts for the All Hallows event. Instead you may either NPC the whole weekend or not NPC at all (with no opt-out cost). We'd like to get a sense of who wants to NPC the weekend so we can plan accordingly. Please sign up / apply below if you would like to NPC All Hallows in Ralinwood this year. If you’d like to apply, bear in mind that we expect you to NPC the entire weekend. We will be taking maximum 20 weekend NPCs.

For those of you who do play PCs for All Hallows, be warned, it will be scary and deadly. There will be extra chasing, extra hiding, monsters that are much harder to kill. All Hallows is a challenge. We do not pull our punches. We’re coming for you. But! If you PC, not only is surviving the weekend a reward, you will also get extra rewards. You get double the blankets, a "loot" bag of candy, chocolate and IG items (including some magic items!). Those who PC as their PRIMARY PCs will get a red "Ralin-Hallows 2261" red arm band, and the 2019 All Hallows NPC Team will get white ones. 

We would ask that you do not apply unless you are 100% sure you want to NPC All Hallows. If you are just thinking about it you may message Dan and you can talk. 

If you are a Season NPC, it's expected that you NPC All Hallows, but feel free to sign the sheet anyways.

Applications close in two weeks (October 13th at 10pm)! We will announce who we will be taking on as NPCs asap after it closes so we can get you in on the planning!

Sign Up Sheet Link: https://forms.gle/D4CdTjrMGxTtF1329

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