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Hi Ralinwood folks!

I am a...sorta old Jericho player who moved into the area last year.   I was too poor and/or busy to play when I first got back, but this month the Stars have Aligned for me and I can make it to the upcoming game!  Which means a scramble to get together all the Things I'm going to need but hopefully I can pull it off and come out and meet folks Big Grin
We'll be glad to have you!

When you're ready send an email to and I'll get that sorted for you.
Piece of garbage fire looking Einher.
((Dark Elf, OOG Jeffrey Barth)))
Will do, thanks Smile
Welcome! It's amazing that things worked out for you at last and we're excited to see you out!
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Thanks Big Grin

I'm getting super excited and I've been running around and scavenging for gear today Big Grin I found all my old tags from may last character, and her spell book. Ahh, nostalgia...

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