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Peacekeeper Park Area Map
By popular demand, here's a map of the park as well as the conservation area that surrounds it (and the lake!). You may begin crafting your plans.

[Image: areamap_zps8ef61e64.jpg]
This is MUCH bigger than I had thought it would be with the extra space!! So excited to explore now!! I feel like such a little kid thinking about it :3
A Gargylen with a broken left horn, favouring a shield, and has a child like wonderment towards everything. He is also Head of the Hospital Guard, and due to recent events his Horns are now Blue and slightly sparkles.

"I'm kinda an expert on being dead at this point!"

OOG: Davis McGrath
Do we expect to be the only people there during the weekend events? I know I spotted some (2 or 3 people) on the Whittaker property during the day mod.

I'm super excited to explore on the other side of the creek!!
IG: Melisande Calderon, medium height, short brown hair, red vest
OOG: Caitlin
We can't guarantee that we'll be alone when we're on Whittaker property, but we'll always have Peacekeeper Park to ourselves.
I need to turn this into an awesome map I can use on site.....If thats okay in game...
lol you have to larp across the road to get to the lake bahaha
Human, Wearing Ornate Black plate armour with Gold iconography and a matching fullhelm adorned with a horse hair crest.
his shield is steely black with a golden rising sun upon its face.
Where is the best place to set up. Camp
(09-24-2017, 11:13 PM)Daemon Wrote: Where is the best place to set up. Camp

If you are new, setting up camp around the main building with open air shelter is common. You have a chance to interact with other players this way and find a group you like to camp with after.
OOG: Falcon

2017 Medical Marshal / 2017 New Player Liaison / 2017-18 Logistics Team
Due to difficulties this map is outdated
Some scrub

OOG: Matthew Campbell
Only allowed in the purple area.

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