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The Barriers Have Fallen
Dear people of Ralinwood,

Apparently your town straddles catacombs filled with undead?

I know this now because whatever barriers sealed their entrance have fallen now that a mother was killed. I do not know what that means so do not ask me. 

Undead have already begun attacking some of the town’s camps. Be wary. 

× Ketilmundr Halfgrin
IG: A young einish man with long braids who wraps himself in dark layers and black leather armour. He seems to have a fondness for gold, both in jewelry and his fake teeth. His left cheek is marred by a deep scar.

OOG: Danny Heintz, he/him.
Ketilmundr Halfgrin,

Do you know where the entrance to these catacombs exist? I can temporarily seal them until a more permanent solution can be undertaken.

Renno-Vain Lisstork

Knight of Ahriman

Seek me out, we can take care of the ones I know of.

Warden Lieutenant,
Kyrem Fidele
IG: A young High Elf man. Moderately armoured, he is often seen wearing a red tabard sporting a black flame. He carries a glimmering silver short sword at his waist and a sturdy-looking shield on his back. His pointed ears are adorned with metal cuffs. 

OOG: Dustin Smith

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