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-Bounty Hunters Wanted-
-Bounty Hunters Wanted-

The Union of Duvainian Bounty Hunters is currently looking for recruits to join to increase our numbers.

Bounty hunters are employed by the government and nobility to track and capture targets across Duvain; no matter where they committed the crime, so long as that crime is recognized by the Duvainian nobility.

A prospective member can come from all walks of life, but the following skills will allow you to excel in the field:

-access to control type magic (exp. swampwalk, sleep, paralysis, bind)

-the ability to take the target alive though non-lethal means

-the ability to track

-the ability to locate bounties though mysticism

-A strong memory and good eyes to identify bounties

-A strong sense of team work

Bounty hunters are only paid on the completed capture and turn in of a registered bounty at a bounty hunter office - there is no pay if you fail to collect a bounty. All bounty hunters are responsible for there own costs incurred in the process of capturing a bounty (i.e. potions, alchemy, scrolls burnt etc.) and should NOT expect reimbursement for resources used.

Any who have applied in the last 9 months need not apply and will be contacted if your acceptance status changes.

Interested prospects should seek out Steward Jake Rome.

( Feel free to email or message me on Facebook Robert Pitchure
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