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GRAND OPENING-RTC- Romeing Trade Company
Greetings and welcome, one and all! I am proud to annouce the RTC's offical GRAND OPENING!

To celebrate this event the RTC will be having a couple mini-events; including Sales, Auctions, and Raffles! Details can be found below and - perhaps - more to come!


We're lowering our prices for THIS WEEKEND ONLY for both of our currently listed items!

The magic sword inferno will be for sale for ONLY 20 gold!
Our 3 charge Trolls Blood chemistry recipie will be on sale for ONLY 60 gold!


We are also pleased to announce that we will be raffling off a major magical item:

3/DAY sigil of the forge
Flaw: can only be actived after a killing blow
Magic Expires Oct 31 2261

Tickets for the raffle will be on sale for 4 silver/5 pound of raw materials of any kind/any item worth 5 or more silver.
No change will be given on items or rm valued at more then 5 silver/5 pounds of RM. Buying additional tickets instead is strongly encouraged


THE SECRET PLAN! - Blind Auction
Nows your chance to own a peice of Ralinwood's history. THE secret plan that was found on one of the members of the Cosantoiri that allowed us to puzzle out the other members and expose their plot for taking over Ralinwood.

The secret plan will be available for all to see who have not gotten a chance to previously; feel free to come take a look!

This is a blind auction! Only 1 bid may be secretly submitted, highest bid wins!

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