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Event Review - As Luck Would Have It (February 2019 Tavern Night)
Surprise! It was a murder mystery tavern night. We you hope you enjoyed this plot line and won't forget it for some time to come. It was also a chance to meet with the businesses you voted in last month, and all the plots lines for the year barring a few small ones should be out now. Next event - day mod! Thank you to everyone in NPC camp who helped out and brought the event to life, and to everyone who helps out as ever!

And without further ado.. Tell us your thoughts! What did you like, what needs improvements, what are your favourite memories? Let us know!

Any concerns or major complaints, please feel free to email to speak to the Owners (myself and Dan) directly. I'll get my email issue resolved soon.
Owner - Tavernkeep - Forums Admin - Cat Herder
Game was a goddamn blast! I want to thank all the Shapers and NPC's who made it possible, you guys were fantastic all night long.

-Combat felt really engaging and balanced for those who wanted to get involved outside. There was only one monster with a threshold I saw all night, and the fact that the majority of town could support the fight by engaging with mobs that lacked such qualities was a fantastic way to keep everyone involved! I would love to see more town mods where this philosophy is used, where a few mobs with thresholds can designate them as challenges that certain adventurers can deal with while the rest of town fights the hoard of monsters to keep the way open.
-Stepping outside for 1 minute to help defend a ritual circle, before immediately getting hit with the backlash and enraging on the first person I saw xD
-The death of Penelope semi-plot was the greatest thing ever! It really drove me to get further involved in what was going on and lead to some of the best moments and RP I've had with this PC.
-The prayer with Demetria was on point RP wise, and there were some genuine tears being shed. Getting to use a bless at the end to get a vision that led to finding the Orc was flat out amazing too, and I'm glad that the Shapers could indulge us for a brief time in game.
-Catching Jason's Orc in what appeared to be seconds before bolting out of town was both incredibly cathartic and also nerve wracking. I had no clue if I had just attacked an innocent bystander or the wanted killer, but we got the guy and I felt amazing. Also interrogating a charmed Orc with the assistance of Aminata, the Wardens, and the invested populace of town was another incredible highlight.
-I'm so glad to see newbie mods going out and advertised! These were a highlight for my first couple games and I'm happy others get to have those experiences.

-I'm aware its an incredibly specific nit-pick, but I would have preferred if the frostbite effect outside and its interaction with the Einher resit cold racial had been explained a bit better. Near the end of game I heard that it reset the timer on the effect, and didn't have to be used when you just went outside. Perhaps I missed that detail, but it would have been nice to know so I could keep the racial for later in the event if need be.

-I might have missed them at the start of game, but I didn't see any merchants or NPC's peddling goods for us to drop any cold hard cash on. There were a few small lulls during game where I would have been nice to see even an RM merchant drop in briefly, but it doesn't detract from the overall experience.

Overall, this game was fantastic all the way through! While I know it isn't everyone's experience I felt like my involvement an actions mattered in the plot of event, something that till now hasn't really happened. I love that player agency is being taken into account so far this season, and I've got some high hopes for what comes next!

10/10, would seek justice for Penelope again (#justiceforpenelope)
IG: A tall slender Einher sporting the the blue and green colors of clan Galloglach, with the Tiwaz rune painted over his right eye. 

OOG: Rowan Carnahan-Koberinski

I had a bit of a rough event this time around but I'm still hyped for the rest of the season. Thank you to the shapers and NPCs for all their hard work leading up to this.

The Good
• I went fishing and it was delightful. Rachel tossing out the occasional random low value tag as we sat around dangling weapons with strings at the end was hilarious and added a fun “yes you are in fact by the ocean” element to the night.
• The level of costuming for most of the NPCs was quite nice. The Aja especially.
• I got to have some really good interactions with a few people. Zia is always lovely to chat with while she knits, Nira is a riot (in a good way), I got some great elf interviews, and Vadoma’s tea party was delightful. It’s always lovely when PCs host IG stuff like that and it was extra nice because it was a bar-themed tavern night and Ori doesn’t drink.
• Wally will forever and always be the best Cassandra follower ever. He just flat out burst into tears over a dead NPC teen and it nearly set me off too. What a guy.
• Rachel humouring my concerned run around the farms to make sure none had been mauled by elementals and/or struck by lightning was really sweet and informative. 10/10 would fret over broken fences again.
• I’m glad we’re moving away from thresholds on everything.

The Neutral
• I am really glad my fake blood capsule apparently looked SUPER realistic but please, guys, I would not just stand around with an actual bloody mouth wound and chat to people. Your OOG checks that I was actually ok were sweet but really immersion breaking while I was trying to be as extra as possible.

The Not So Good (some of which I’ve already addressed with shapers)
• Combat felt really sporadic. Like… there’d be an hour or so of nothing but RP then BIG BATTLE then RP again. I get that we were supposed to be investigating stuff during the down time but that wasn’t really a whole town thing other than people saying “ok guys, be vigilant”. More crunchies or something would have been nice. This was hyped as a big combat event compared to the last one but honestly it felt really sparse.
• If you’re going to change the “outside” mod space to no longer be water + docks but a closed off separate thing please put up a sign or something so we don’t see stuff happening out there, come out, get told we can’t see any of the stuff, then awkwardly leave. I might have popped over before they could close it off entirely but a bunch of us had to ask if some animals were in game and then find out the area was suddenly repping another room.
• If effects like venom are going to be a big part of the night then explaining what they do before event is really handy. That’s a rare one and it became very important to know very fast.
• I might be captain oblivious and just missed them but I saw like no merchants and only one or two people doing games. Whenever there's "tavern" or "docks" themed stuff it is an ideal opportunity to send out people to trade with but the only way I got tags this event was through the aforementioned fishing.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming day mods, see you guys there.
Ori Moran: A blue feathered Avian with a red hat. On her back is a large shield emblazoned with a hawk. She has a Shadow Mark on one of her eyes and a scar through the other.

OOG: Alex Heintz - Head NPL - Official Ralinmeme Maker 
I realized after the fact that setting a mod up in a predetermined area was not ideal and wish I could of handled that a bit better. It was something I overlooked and will try to handle better in the future, thanks for the input!
Nice to be back! I was nervous to play this character, but ended up having a bunch of fun.

Some pros:
- The space was used in a clever way - splitting it was very helpful
- The number of people willing to let me stab them, and getting chronicled doing so
- The new player Mari brought was lovely and a sneaky little instigator
- Murder mysteries are dope!
- Having Jay walk around in a morph suit and realising "oh shit, he's just fucking naked" was hilarious
- The guy who let me stab him and then went "oh shit, that hurt" in surprise. I think he was a new player?
- Sean makes a lovely lady
- Playing cards with Yoshi was surprisingly fun. Like, not that playing a game with Yoshi being fun was surprising, but that a card matching game was so fun
- The entire drunk conversation I had with the two Ashendael high elves (I'm sorry, I've forgotten your names again) - you guys were great
- Being invited to Vadoma's tea party! I was at a little bit of a loss initially, thanks for bringing me in Smile

And some cons:
- Resource management was a problem this game. There were too many Shapers out playing roles for too much of the game. That really slows things down. From what I understand (and I wasn't in NPC camp, so I may be wrong), there were quite a few NPCs waiting in NPC camp for roles instead of playing them. Shapers should almost never be NPCs - they are needed to run things, and several of the NPC roles they played seemed like they could have been easily played by their Seasons. There was also a mod where five NPCs were there specifically to interact with a single NPC and, while it was very entertaining for those involved, that's not a great use of resources
- I agree with Alex about demarcating the 'outside' room when it wasn't being 'outside' - I was quite confused
- I had no idea there was a frostbite mechanic. Maybe I'm deaf? That's entirely possible
- Had a bit of a difficult time finding things to do. There were multiple NPCs that actively avoided me, which is fine, but it was a bit tough to find things to do

Anyway, I had a great time. Please don't be discouraged by my critiques! Looking forward to the next game. Smile
Pros n' cons I have have been mentioned, so no need to re-tread.

That being said - I think it was really effective having Dan in NPC camp and Ivanna out on a role and vice versa. You guys both have to field constant questions, and I think it really helps efficiency to reasonably figure that someone's outside and someone's inside. Obviously this is a whole other beast for weekend mods, but hey.

For the mechanics and especially the intro, I think something similar to the Festivus rules at Highwinter might be useful. While closing log I think I missed a LOT of key info (which I did end up piecing back together), so it might be helpful to have maybe a single "What You Would Know" document or something near the door to NPC camp, in case for OOG reasons we need to get back up to speed. Likewise, a localized mechanic like the water and frostbite I really like for immersion, and having hard-copy reference rules could really help mitigate some of this.

Just some ideas - I think that there are some really good things I've seen both this event and Highwinter that are really helping things along, and small things can make a pretty solid difference.
OOG: Will Hyland.

IG: Alfric Smith, musician, physician, barber, mortician. Listen for the sound of flirting and the smell of liquor.
I got so much knitting done! I'm practically finished the body of my sweater! Mostly I sat in the same place all night chatting and/or knitting, but that was a deliberate choice on my part. On the other hand, the few times I did get up to see what was happening outside because it seemed there was something Dramatic! happening, it was over by the time I got outside.

I knew that murders had occurred but it seemed like the people who should be investigating them were investigating. I enjoyed all the npcs who came around, and watching the room to see what was happening and who was talking to who :3
A friendly human woman with dark hair pinned in place with an antler fork.

ooc: Heather Hatch 
The event was lots of fun! I had a tea party and it was nice when my dark elf friend who was unfortunately got wrongfully arrested was freed from false charges.
Everyone was very helpful on my teapot hunt. Curse the thief
The lovely Aja women were a blessing! You all did so well and i am sad I couldn't have been there more for that
Bless you for replying to my letter (it had me jumping for days) to get Garret married even though he was not ready

It was bit dissapointing to not go on the Rat mod, myself and a few others weren't even aware of its existence and it felt like half the room was kind of skipped over from hearing about its existence

It was a great time though and I can't wait for the next event!
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oog: Victoria
After a short Hiatus it was great to be back in the town and see how much has changed/stayed the same.


-Elemental fights were great with the healing mechanics being used
-The costuming was very well done on non monster NPC's. The Ajaunti in particular.
-Ivanna as Aminata and her brief interactions with Dusara were intriguing. Not often does that PC press an issue but it was slightly panic inducing and Ivanna's face and tone during the entire exchange was excellent. 10 corpses out of 10 for that chat.


-I found the revelation about Illyxtriak very uninspired. Maybe it's because I come from a guild that was All Grey All Day but it seemed like it was just thrown in and made no sense.
-Combat was almost non existent from what I could see. There was the occasional mod that was swarmed and finished in seconds, for a game that I was informed would be combat heavy it seemed like a 2/10 on the combat scale
-OOG alchemy effects being described poorly. There was a PC that ingested death alchemy and went from telling me they were unconscious, to bleeding to dead with every whisper from a shaper. Not sure if that was intended or just constant correcting but it made it hella confusing as a doctor.

I'll add more as I think of them but overall I was underwhelmed this event.
Sorry for the lateness of this one; I thought I'd missed my chance until I was told to just go off and post the review anyway.

So I came into this event as a completely new character. Literally never LARPed before the moment things started. It was definitely an experience, though I'd hesitate to call it a good one. It's been a while so my memory may be a bit fuzzy, but I'll try and get everything I remember out there because I've heard so many amazing stories from so many people and I'd love to be a part of them.

  • Everyone was very kind. If I didn't know something, someone was always willing to help.
  • The excitement level was simply infectious! It was great seeing people so clearly enjoying themselves.
  • Stuff was always happening, so it all felt pretty organic for the most part.
  • The inside/outside stuff was cool. It wouldn't have even crossed my mind to do that with a literal outside 10 feet away, but it worked.
  • The plot seemed neat!

  • Stuff was always happening. As far as I remember the game started with someone yelling at the top of their lungs and it feels like it didn't really mellow out from there. This made it very confusing and difficult to follow anything. I understand it's hard with 50ish people in a room, but I feel like even when important stuff was going on, I just couldn't hear it a lot of the time.
  • As a level 1 PC with zero useful skills, the plot was a bit impossible to take part in. I know someone died and there was poison going around. I couldn't tell if anything was spooky to drink and a crowd of people started immediately being incredibly useful to this dead person. I felt like if I went to do something, I'd just be getting in the way of people who could actually do something.
  • There was apparently a lowbie mod that happened at some point. I had absolutely zero idea it had happened (and based on some polling after the fact, I'm not nearly the only one) until I heard someone mention they got rats (?). Felt pretty bad learning I missed out on basically the only thing I could reasonably do.
  • The combat scenarios seemed fun to take part in, but 1) as soon as they started, a swarm of people went running and it seemed like I'd just be kind of in the way again; 2) after one of them started, I watched someone come limping inside talking about murder ducks and I definitely wanted nothing to do with something that's apparently destroying people who were probably  multiple times stronger than me; 3) player combat was fun to watch, but really solidified the fact that I wanted nothing to do with it. Hearing someone go "BLAHBLAH 50!" or throwing a barrage of hits and numbers and watching someone drop kind of just made me go "oh I have... 4? Yeah let's literally never". Pairing this all with the fact that I didn't know I could die however many times I wanted and I just sat in a corner and occasionally talked to people when they weren't off doing something cool and relevant.
All in all, I'm a bit bummed that this was the event that I wasted my free entry, infinite deaths, and floating armor on. So much was going on, little was explained, and everything seemed to be well beyond my abilities (though I'm told that they weren't). It was rather overwhelming and kind of put me off the idea of going to another game until a few people in the discord encouraged me to give it another try.
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