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Adventurer Relevant Tax Laws of Ralinwood
Adventurer Relevant
Tax Laws of Ralinwood

·        The Citizenry of Ralinwood has organized it into camps and the laws recognize the camps as taxable entities in lieu of individual taxation, to facilitate tax collection.
·        All citizens belonging to a camp will be expected to contribute to their camp’s tax total.
·        This tax total will be determined by the number of people residing in the camp from month to month.
·        Taxation rate is set at 3 silver for permanent residents of Ralinwood and at 5 silver for visiting adventurers.
·        A camp with 10 adventurers would be expected to pay 3 gold a month in tax.
·        A camp representative, often considered the ‘Camp Leader’, will be appointed to pay these taxes to the Wardens.
·        This representative is responsible for maintaining the roster of the camp from month to month. Wardens may request to see the roster at the time of tax collection.
·        Payment is accepted in coin or gems. Individual Wardens may be able to exchange materials, weapons, armour and other goods of value but this is not guaranteed.
·        We remind the citizenry that if they do not pay their taxes, they have no protection under Duvanian law.
·        Camps lose their protection under the law together, after a one month grace period, if the camp is in debt.
·        Camps that have lost protection will be publicly announced.
·        Individuals not in a camp are to pay their taxes to the Wardens directly.
·        Citizens new to Ralinwood that have not previously established themselves as adventurers are to be granted a 3 month clemency on paying taxes.

·        These laws are set by the Noblity and enforced by the Wardens.

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