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First Mod of the First Weekend - Waiting Warning
The first weekend is coming up soon! We'll be wrapping up the details of our move very shortly. If there are any other questions, send em over and we'll deal with them.

Before we get to the weekend though, we have a warning for you! A warning of waiting!

The first mod we have scheduled for the weekend is going to be an introductory 'walk-about' sort of mod, to get used to moving around our new site. It's also the prelude to the event! The path we've chosen is narrow and winding, and we want everyone to be able to participate. So, our Shapers (Michael in particular, as this is his masterful mod) have decided that the mod will be done in three groups, divided by level so we can (try to) scale the mods appropriately.

The groups will be:
New Adventurers: Levels 1-4
Mid-Level Group: Levels 5-8
Seasoned Adventurers: Levels 9+

New Adventurers go first, then the Mid-levels, then the Seasons Adventurers!
We expect that each group will take half an hour to get through their section of the mod.

Before this mod, there will be introductory exposition and announcements in the 'entrance to the new town' with Aminata. I.e. you will be stuck at the entrance and can't leave (you can of course set up OOG before that). You'll therefore be 'waiting to go inside' for a little bit, possibly up to an hour if you're a vet. We need all our NPCs for the rest of the walk-on stuff, so we can't split off any more to entertain you at the start (there will be a few there), so event will have a fairly low-key start for those who have to wait. We warn you now so that you can prepare yourselves for this mod. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

The walk-on intro mod is worth it. It'll be intense and awesome. And the rest of the weekend will be long! So a slower pace will keep you all energized for the whole weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
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