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Changes + Rules Updates 2017 - Rules, Suggestions, Improvements, Advice
Hello all!

There are two items to talk about as this year comes to a close and the next year comes up more quickly than anyone ever expects.

1. Suggestions / Improvements - Ralinwood 2017

We've completed our first year with Ralinwood, and we're so grateful for everyone's help, patience, and support this first year as we learned how to do this thing called running a LARP. You're honestly - and actually - the reason we want to keep doing things bigger and better. But, we realize, we can always do better, be better, go higher, and make it better for everyone else overall. Ultimately, this is about you - the game is made for you, by you. Without you, there is no game. Since you are both customers and our friends, we want to make sure that everything is going the way that YOU want it to go.

So that being said: we would like to hear from you what you would like to see next year!

Please email any suggestions, concerns, feedback, questions, critiques, advice, wishes, hopes and dreams for next year and beyond you may have to . Any at all! I, Dan, and likely the Shaper Team will take a look at everything you send in and make sure we hear you. Even if you don't hear from us in response, please know that we've looked at it and read it, and have taken what you have to say to heart. If there is something that needs to be addressed or improved in a public way, we'll make sure you know we heard you. If you have specific concerns or needs that you make clear you need a response to, we'll address them.

2. Rulebook / Rules Updates - Underworld Canada

This one comes out from Underworld Canada. Every year they do a bit of a rules review - they take a look at what has changed, what needs to change, what can and should change - then they try to fix any problems or make any improvements necessary.  And since this game is FOR you BY you, YOUR opinions, feedback and suggestions are needed here. Please post/comment here (in this thread) with any of your suggestions for Rulebook updates and improvements. The Rules team needs to know what's working, what's not, and what could be better. This kind of feedback from the players is especially important, since you use it every day in our world. 

Please note: this process is more formal. Suggestions for Rulebook updates will be sent in to the World Rules team for comment and review. Changes that need to be made will be made by them, then the Rulebook will be updated accordingly. 

And, as always, please feel free to let us know if you have any concerns, comments, or questions about anything. You can message either myself or Dan or email both of us at

And finally,

Really. Thank you all for such a fun, exciting and intense year. We run this game for you all to enjoy, but this year, thanks to you, we got to enjoy making the game for you. You amaze and surprise us every day in ways we never expect. And this community is a pretty great place to be, too. So for that, and for all the fun times ahead, thank-you.

See you all at Highwinter! ((Everyone is already literally throwing themselves at Highwinter. How, you say? Uhh... FOIG!))


Ivanna & Dan

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