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PRELOG IS OPEN for the June 17th Event
Prelog is OPEN for the June 17th 2016 Event!

Site Opens: 4pm
Logistics opens: 8 pm 
Game starts promptly at: 10 PM (one day...)
Cost: $40 prelog / $45 at the door


Blankets offered: 1

Here's the database link to use to register / prelog for the event :

New Player?
If this is your first event, have some questions about the game or would like some ideas for builds and what not, please e-mail our excellent New Player Liasons at See our website at

Also, check out the details of our New Player Packages and see if you'd like to start the game with a little more loot and a little less worry!

Whenever you arrive, log in first at the event, THEN go put on your makeup, socialize and do other things.

Database Stuff
Problems with your character data?

Technical problems with the database?

Any changes you make in the database while prelogging will be reverted back if you do not attend an event you have prelogged for. This is built into the database itself and it will automatically delete your changes if you are not on the attendance list.

Please keep in mind that if you hit "Reset" to reset your changes you've made, it also clears that you've prelogged! Make sure you select which character you are coming to game with and hit prelog again!

If you do not have your password you can reset it by going to and entering your email address to have a password reset link sent to you.

Please check your SPAM folder if it doesn't arrive shortly after you click Submit.

If you are unsure if you will be able to make it to event or not, PRELOG ANYWAYS.

If you prelog, and don't show up, the database handles everything automatically meaning 0 extra work for Logistics. This equates to a happy logistics team and a happy tech ninja.

However, if you don't prelog, but you DO show up, not only are you potentially creating a lot of work for us, you're doing so at event which is when we're trying to run at optimum efficiency so we can all go have fun as soon as possible. This equates to an irritated logistics team and a vengeful tech ninja.

When in doubt, prelog anyways!

NPC and Shift NPC Stuff
If you're planning to do your NPC shift, you can select the time during prelog. To opt out (but why would you? It costs frags, plus NPCing is fun!) simply don't choose a shift. Opting out costs 5 frags. Weekend NPCs are welcome! Please email if you choose this option so they can fit you into their plans!

If you're interested to be a tavern NPC, I need ONE for lunch and dinner for this weekend. Shoot me an email ( to sort out which times are available. YOU CANNOT BE A TAVERN NPC WITHOUT EMAILING/MESSAGING ME FIRST!

New Character Stuff
If you are entering a new character please email with the subject "New Character" and with the following information:

- Your Full Real Name
- Characters Name
- Race
- Class

We will add the new character, but you must still prelog yourself after we confirm it has been added.

If you do not use the database to prelog you will not qualify for the $5 prelog discount.

Jericho Visiting Player Stuff

Please email the prelog team ( a copy of your character card so they can print it for you.

If you are a Jericho player who is coming to Ralinwood for the first time, make sure to check in with our New Player Liaison before you enter game! We won't make you go through all the new player stuff, but we'll make sure you know important things like site boundaries.
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