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Old Races
Is there any possible way to play the discontinued races?
If by discontinued races you mean old frag races that are taken out of the book then yes you have to email head of your guild to see if they will allow it then if yes they will probably send you to one of the underworld owners (Ted or Dave)
Some scrub

OOG: Matthew Campbell
The Frag races that are available change every year. If there is one you want to play and it isn't available now it may rotate in later.
I also have spent many happy years in Suvant.
That works, Thanks for the assistance!
A merchant wearing plain clothes always carting a small wagon carrying a small locked chest atop a large trunk next to a small anvil. Usually found around tavern or the marketplace.

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Just save up your frags!!

I am one game away from WOLVEN!!!!!
A Drael’Thalan Bar maiden, Tea maker.
Alchemists: Buys and sells goods.


NPC  Tara Dolson

Medical Marshal. 


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