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Hello! I'm planning on building up some frags before creating my next character, and absolutely love the idea of making a Witch. 
My issue? My hopes for my character are to find itself in the realm of morally neutral - chaotic good, which seems like it might cause some very difficult situations while trying to attain my powers. I have already read over the entries on demon lords in the Wiki, but there isn't much there yet. I'm trying to find a balance where my character may creatively find ways to somewhat morally fulfill the wishes of the demon and maintain the contract, but doing so in a way the demon is satisfied and gets what it wants in the end. I don't expect this balance to be easy. 

When negotiating a contract with a demon, I assume it would not involve a demon lord... what are things some of these demons desire? What would be considered a "Fair trade"? It was suggested to me my full true name would be worth trading, but I'm not a fan of that idea.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.
Wytchcraft is a sphere of magic. Are you going for this? or simply wanting to do the dirty work of a demon? Because these are two very different things.

Wytchcraft is a sphere that requires a teacher. For this, I have to say FOIG (And I hate that term). But honestly to acquire this you have to look IG. Ask around. I am sure someone knows someone else who will teach you Wytchcraft.

If you simply want to make deals with demons, I also have to say that hideous acronym. If you want to know what a demon desires, ask one. They exist and I know for a fact the town of Ralinwood has seen their share of demons....Some have even made deals. Ask around IG, I know you will find the answer you are looking for.

My only piece of advice is to be creative. The demons you are dealing are going to be played by Shapers and NPCs. 'Wow' us. You'll be surprised at the results.
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Ah, I may have been working under an assumption that the only way to learn the sphere of wytchcraft is to attain that power through a contract with a demon. Am I incorrect? If so, that kinda changes everything, lol.
According to the Fragbook, a PC cannot teach another PC Wytchcraft:
"To understand even the basic fundamentals of the sphere, an aspiring Wytch must first strike a dark pact with the Demonic. Only after sacrificing part of their own morality does a Wytch learn this powerful art. Wytchcraft can only be taught by the Demonic, and only so because the power that fuels it comes from the hells themselves."
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The rulebooks are full of weird vague things.

All I can tell you is to find your teacher IG and surprise us. You may also be surprised by your teacher and the things that they ask you to do. This isn't our first rodeo.

Sorry for the lack of info, but this is just something that we cannot hand feed you. Ralinwood doesn't have many Frag Spheres or rare things like that because we want people to work for them. That isn't to say that we don't provide you with these opportunities...and who knows...maybe Raliwnood already has a Wytch. This could or could not be true already, but this person may or may not have worked their ass off for it.
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I see! My mistake, I was thinking this was a sphere one could start with if they had the frags when they started, granting the appropriate backstory and possibly starting with a negotiation with a demon. By the sounds of things, this really isn't a "First day" sort of sphere.

Thanks for the clarification! Back to the drawing board with my character concept Smile.
Before you get too far into the drawing board concept, anything with Self Taught - No isn't something you can come into game with (As far as I know)
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I somehow completely missed that column! Thank you.

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