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Curious about armor
I plan on picking up a few pieces from epic armoury , and I really like pieces like this one

but I do NOT want to spend that kind of money on a piece that would only provide 9 armor, the rules state
"2pts/location: Any type of leather of 5oz or greater thickness with studs, grommets or rings attached to it (generally studs will need to be no more than 2"apart) or any leather that is boiled to the point of rigidity, will be graded as full value"

does laminated likely mean that it is rigid enough or should I just buy the exact suit of leather most people were wearing? (I dislike looking so uniform with others kind of)

I am aware it is possible to self stud armor, but, 1- it may make the armor look idiotic, 2- it could ruin a rather expensive piece, 3- I have 0 capability in crafty things like that.

I'm just curious about the way armor marshalling would land on things, as it seems it can be easily varied.

(Sorry, I just really enjoyed All Hallows, except playing a combat character with 4 health and next to no armor, when everything hit for 3-8 damage, made it hard to feel able to really do anything at all, so I want to get armor, but its a rather large investment and don't want to end up with something that I'll have to just replace because it isn't useful in game)
Without having experience with that particular set, or being an armour marshall, it likely isn't rigid enough to count as 2pts/location. When the book says rigid, it's talking about rigid enough that you cannot compress or move it.

Chainmail is often a go-to in these cases because you can hide it under costuming, as a thought. Doesn't work if you're playing a wild elf but it's something Tongue
Piece of garbage fire looking Einher.
It's more I'd like to use all studded leather for the most part, as I really enjoyed being able to move quickly and more quietly, chain mail is the opposite of quiet Smile it's definitely frustrating looking at armors out there and seeing nothing really great in leather that is reasonably price efficient lol
Chain can be quiet if you tie it down, but I know what you mean. Unfortunately leather's expensive Tongue
Piece of garbage fire looking Einher.
thats because most leather is handmade. the reason you see that one leather piece so often is that it is mass produced and reasonably priced. if you are looking to have armour be a defining look for your character be prepared to pay through the nose for it. (speaking from experience)
Elderly Human man wearing a long grey coat over chainmaille.
lol, dang, yah, the piece I like most is 500$ Sad, do you think the piece I linked would count for 2pts a location as it is (there are studs on it just not that many) if not do you think I could self-stud it reasonably to make it 2pts a location?
Self studding is easier than you think. And failing that, a lot of us would happily do the studding for you...I personally wouldn't charge much, either. Just cost of studs, and maybe an hours pay.
awesome Smile I look forward to playing with y'all again! Thanks for all the helps! All Hallows was really rough (but enjoyable) as a character that wanted to sneak up and fight but had like 6 pts armor lol, so I wanna have good ish armor for the next time! Big Grin

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