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Lost and Found
Found: One black Gerber knife.

PM me if you think it is yours. Please tell me what kind of sticker is on it as proof of ownership.
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I may have somehow managed to lose the cape Brittany made for me, which is unacceptable.
It had a white exterior and a red inner lining as well as 2 gold buttons/clasps under the armpit area. It would have been in a white plastic bag.
"An Orc wearing chain with short hair, carries a spear, slower.

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I saw your cloak in NPC camp at the end of the day. I imagine it is with the rest of the npc costuming.
I also have spent many happy years in Suvant.
There was a plastic bag on the road near the car parking with red and white material in it. It may have been a cloak. The person playing Boon picked it up and was asking people during dinner break if anyone knew who it belonged to. I don't know where it went after that.
I think it may have gone into the NPC stuff. I'll take a look through and get back to you.
I asked Brittany for a light cape. I guess she really delivered since it sound like it blew away. Does anyone know boon oog?

Thank you Michelle, just Pm me or email if you find it!
"An Orc wearing chain with short hair, carries a spear, slower.

OOG: Elias Tragas
2014 Rulebook Editor,
New Player Liaison
Gonna revive this thread because I've lost some things at the June game and I doubt I'm the only one.

LOST AT "Noblesse Oblige" JUNE GAME:

One pair of black combat boots. Probably left them in front of either NPC Cabin or NPC Sleeping Cabin while I was packing up. I think they were size 11 or 11 1/2.
I think Peacekeeper has them! When Anthony and I left site, there were still people on site and it was hard to tell what was left out on purpose and what was forgotten. A pair of combats and a couple of water bottles were left in the rain shelter area attached to the tavern. Want me to email the volunteer team and ask them if the boots I saw ended up being claimed?
Yes they were left there. My group was the last to leave. They are at Peace Keeper Park. They were left on the handwashing stand. Sorry. We didn't want to take them with us because we didn't know who they belonged too.
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I've got business at Peacekeeper tomorrow. I'll check on them then.

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