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Barn Destroyed By Undead will be fixed shortly

I wish to assure you that the barn destroyed this evening will be fixed in short order. We have some lumber left over from your earlier efforts to create boats along with some lumber left at the pavilions. Carpenters will also be sent along to assist. Rest assured this matter is well in hand.

Yours in service,

Gomorrah, A.
Governor Miss Aminata Gomorrah, Daughter of House Gomorrah of the Council of Twelve, Governor of Ralinwood.
High elf female, blonde hair, blue or brown shoulder bag, red and black scarf on her belt, typically in a long skirt.
((OOG: Ivanna, Coffee half French Vanilla))
I shall lend my hand to the carrying of lumber for the repairs to Anna's barn. It is the very least I can do.

With warmest regards,

~ Vozenraeth
A Risen Human wearing a black leather wide-brimmed hat and black circular glasses. Bears no visible weapons. Dresses in simple clothes, with grey robes or coats over top.
I be willin ter 'elp aboot. I kno Yohan is handy with lumber and tho I be a tailor, 'auling was me firs job an no 'arm doin some good work.

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