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Pokiir Tournament Saturday Feb. 22nd
Greetings Citizens of Ralinwood and Visitors from Far and Wide,

At the request of Dame Onno of the Order of the Shield of the Order of the Blood Red Rose there will be a pokiir game on the evening of the 22nd of February of this year 2262 hosted by myself, Sieur Abatt'age Fleau, with the intent to provide further entertainment to the festivities and to raise some much needed funds for the refugees that are moving into the area.  This being the case, there will be some changes to the routine game I have run in the past.

The cost to partake in this tournament will be 3 gold per participant.  Two gold of the three will go into the pot to be played for by the players.  The remainder will go to Dame Onno of the Order of the Shield to be used to aid the refugees moving into the area.  The higher the number of players the better aid will be rendered to the refugees as well as a larger prize pot for the winner and follow up prize winners.  Furthermore, I will put a "bounty" of 3 gold on my own head.  The player that removes me from the tournament will have 3 gold donated in their name to Dame Onno from mine own coin pouch.  I encourage any other person of note who wishes to participate in the tournament to follow me in this venture by placing a "bounty" on their own head as well.  Dependent upon the number of players I will add an additional prize to be granted to the winner of the tournament.  17 players, with myself being the 18th, will be the maximum number of players for this tournament.  The game will start as soon as possible after the commencement of the festivities.  

This is a time for the straps of the coin pouch to be loosened and generosity to flow towards those in need.  Now that the war against Ta Ba Ret, Ga'more. and the Brood is over it is time to begin the process of rebuilding, starting over, and mending the wounds that five years of conflict have left on all of us.  Now is the time to come together as a community and see that said community thrives as we can only do together.

Sieur Abatt'age Fleau
Suvantian High Knight
House Lord Fleau of House Fleau of Suvant
Cleric of Dael'rion

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