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A Notice Appears
Friends of the back alleys
of the sewers and shadows
A time of festivies is soon to be here!

Meet me when the party starts
at the location below
for a chance to win prizes and more!

Lord Owner Horse Deer Orange Kid Hat Feel Run Destroy Tell Pink Drop Chick Mage Goat Murker Take

Buy Scarf Deputy Eat Deputy Corset Scarf Kerchief Salamaner Drink See Spider Begger Magenta Purple Lime Sleep Ask Lord King Tiara Wolf Hat Murderer Coat

Pink Toad Owner Deer Chick Purple Bard Champion Scarf Owner Navy Cleric Pink Yellow Orange Smith See Turquoize Coat

Charcoal Spider Murker Coat White Queen Pony Mage Deputy Chick Tiara Spy Dress Rooster Lord Murderer Take

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