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A Notice for All Bakers and Chefs
Citizens of Ralinwood, it is I, Thaddius Cooper, Chemist Extraordinaire! I have heard the call of some festivities coming and have decided it is only right to help out where I can. And so, I shall be hosting THREE Contests of Cooking Skills! One of the Appetizer variety, One of a main Entree, and my personal favorite, One of Desserts! Prizes will vary depending on how many entries I get. The more entries, the bigger prizes I will offer. I might even be tempted to offer an Elixir of Life! 

So sign up below with your name and which contest you would like to enter, or multiple if youd wish! No need to say WHAT you will be bringing, just that you will be bringing something. 

Thaddius Cooper
A minotaur who insists I don't need to know her name wishes to enter the Appetizer and Dessert competition.
-Penned for the minotaur
Well sadly without a name of the competitor, the entry will be accepted but be unable to be judged for a Prize.

Praxus, Granter of High Winter Wishes, would like to participate with a delectably delicious dish! It may be an appetizer or it may be an entrée, depending on size. Because size matters.

Izazel, Protector of Pinecones, would also like to participate! With a yummy appetizer!

~ Written by Izazel on behalf of Praxus and also on behalf of raccoons everywhere ~
A faun, with autumn sprigs woven around her horns.
James Jabba of the Temple of Doranth will enter the Entree competition.
A human of average height and above average weight, wears a lot of blue and whenever possible a Mark of the Firstborn. 

((OOG: Jeremy Meyers, discord Jabba / Like2playnintendo#5626))
A most humble offering of two types of bread will be brought by myself.

Wieland Winterbourne
I would like to enter the appetizer competition, if I may.
A portly, shaven human in a grey cloak and robe.

OOG name: Levi Maidens
All above names have been entered!

Harconus of Camp Forgemane will be entering in the Dessert category.

- Penned for Harconus
A female Einher sporting a navy brigadine, a navy cloak lined in white fur, a kilt with the colors of Clan Oslo, and a white staff adorned in runes and silver. Upon her forehead is a third eye, painted in blue.

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