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New Jarl
The letter is written in tall, flowing text.


Einher of Ralinwood,

I, Fjord Rødulfr, have been appointed the new Jarl by Frey until this coming moot in June. I am honored to have been chosen among many, and it is not a position I wish to take lightly. 

I wish to speak with every one of you as I step into this position, especially those I have yet to meet. If we have never met, please, don't be shy to reach out. I will be doing the same in the coming few days. If I am not at the Sanctuary or town fire can be found at Forgemane's encampment; past the longhouse cabins, headed towards the Lighthouse.

To those who can read, please pass along this message to other Einher that cannot, so they may be informed as well.

Thank you,

Fjord "River" Rødulfr
A female Einher sporting a navy brigadine, a navy cloak lined in white fur, a kilt with the colors of Clan Oslo, and a white staff adorned in runes and silver. Upon her forehead is a third eye, painted in blue.

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