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Looking for scroll making materials!
With his normal, polite disposition Breven enters the tavern, and leaves this notice on the wall before strolling out again. ((Ward Stone and Magic Shield are also available, photo on Facebook or IG_tavern channel of the Discord))

To Whomever It May Concern:
I, Breven Hill, commonly found twix the Town Square and Crossroads, am looking to practice my scroll-making craft for the good of all. For this, I require materials, and time. I can ensure that the end results will be magically potent, and effective. Toward this end, I make the following open offer. If you can provide me with a mere 5 pounds of useful materials, I can prepare a scroll with basic protective magic for you. To those with knowledge of my craft; the spells in question are Magic Armour and Mage Robes. I wish you all the best of fortunes.
In good health,
Breven H.
IG: Breven Hill, Merchant and Protections Caster
OOG: Aaron Thawe, web developer.

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