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To our Allies, To our Enemies
The time has come. War calls us away to glorious battle once more. We of the Brewlords muster for battle in Melinda. Let this be a call to all our allies to gather their strongest, their bravest and come forth. Come this weekend me, Wigzozz, will discuss tactics with those bound to da' same fate as we. Wigzozz not post in plain scribbles that all can see where and when this be happenin; Wigzozz suspect enemies be watchin' n' waitin' fer us ta' gather to strike out at us. If'n you be ally to Brewlords, if'n you be enemy of Gammorre Wigzozz tell you: vigilant-like be. Wigzozz will send word as war grows closer to those he knows will speak to others. 

However, dis'n not only matter that draw our attention. We of Southern Brewlords will act on scouts' findings to destroy common threat. We know many of you blame us. We do not care. Squabble as you will, your pinky nobles recognize the worth of Brewlord action. Point your fingers, if must, as we sharpen our blades n' our cunnin' plans. We ain't beholden to you. Remember that loyalty brings reward; treachery brings punishment. Some of you know dis' a great deal n' have benefited. Others will learn it when the time comes n' will be humbled.

To da' pinkies that be demandin' answers; yes, we have plan. No, we not just share it with those that bark loud. We got enuff o' dat' ourselves. Keep quiet and you find that information be there for those with the ears n' cunnin' to hear it. No, we not post it on a board where any eye dat can read pinky writin' can see it. Fools you be to think that wise.

To da' Einhar dat thirst for battle with tha' foe; your time has come and Wigzozz be speakin' to those honorable ones in person of greater plans to come and Shaman omens done revealed to Wigzozz.

To da' Elves in their forests; We will take vengeance upon those that have wounded ya'. You be free ta' join us in tearin' out heart of foe that has struck you as is the proppa' way. 

To da' Grey Squamata, for me know you read dis'n; We is comin' for you. Wigzozz is comin' for you. Clutch your chests close while your hearts still beat within them for soon they gonna be torn still beatin' from ya bodies. A cough will not stop us. Gas will not stop us. Wounds will not stop us. Constructs of nature will not stop us. We march forward upon you. Rejoice that you shall be cut down by chosen of Baaagh for there shall be no mercy.

Blood for Baaagh, Glory to the Brewlords, a Legion shall rise.

-Penned for Wigzozz Teeftaka', Warboss of the Southern Brewlords, Paragon of Baaagh

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