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Bioweapon Research Update
Folk of Ralinwood,

Ralinwood Hospital has been working tirelessly to identify and produce a cure. We are proud to declare that we have identified enough aspects of this disease to begin active production on countermeasures, and to finally have our patients well again.

We implore all independent research teams to present themselves at the pavillions immediately to collaborate on the final leg of research.

The illness that plagues our town will worsen without treatment. Remember that most typical disease control measures, while unable to cure the disease, do provide periodic symptom relief. As the situation stands to grow more dire still, we encourage the ill to avoid wasting hospital resources without need.

Lastly, we would like to extend thanks to our unyielding hospital research team, our stalwart army of assistants and aides, and our allies in the Gremmel - without whom our lives may well be long since forfeit.

Stay strong. Report information to the hospital if it stands to aid our efforts. Rejoice in the company of friends and family, and keep your energy in reserve, for it may be needed.

- Dr. Alfric Smith, Head of Research, Threefold Hospital of Ralinwood.
OOG: Will Hyland.

IG: Alfric Smith, musician, physician, barber, mortician. Listen for the sound of flirting and the smell of liquor.

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