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Tribal Necklaces on Wolves [ 11:45 PM, May 31, 2019 ]
People of Ralinwood. 

As we know, the Shak'tar lead by the Dragon Knight of the Grey has been taking animals and turning them against us against their will.

The Wild elf known as Sun of the Two Feathers has taken steps to identify the wolves that are protected by them with Tribal Necklaces around their necks.

If you see these wolves do your best to leave them be. If they are taken and controlled, please do your best to save them.

Spirits watch over you.

Penned by Shaman Java Aquari and Acting Chief of the Brewlords of Ralinwood.
a 6' tall Orc, lots of bones around his person. wears patchwork leather robe with studded leather armor. Speaks in a Bahamian/Jamaican accent much like a Kraja. 

oog - Shane Miller
email -
Thank you Java.

We do not like it when you swat at and step on us!

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