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Reforging Trust...
Squishies, Non-Squishies, Goblinoids, and all that call home to this Ralinwood,

Much has happened these'm past few chunks of time, much to ponder wisdoms upon and much to debate course of actions. Tuktuk has given much pondering to what be good path and what be good for Clan, and brought forth word to come to deal with you's nobility.
After laying out what we felt fair, Tuktuk was given different option, one that be not what we expect or think of.
To be understanding, what we wanted were's simple. Either we has those brought forth who ended the lives of my kin during their supply run and had them suffer same fate, or you's people would be replacing supplies we lost during shipment.
You's Miss Lady Aminata made different offer, one that be making sense for coming times and still make use of squishies that cannot be making with the wisdoms of honoring treaty.
Those that be slaughtering our kin will be dealt punishment, but more importantly be the running of guards 'long supply path to our glorious mountain so heinous loss of kin not happen again, these'm guards being including you's squishies too. You's Noble Lady be tellings you more.

As for much big time understanding, scouts of Iron Mine brought word to mine ears of grand work you's squish-folk did to reclaim and protect mine, even keeping another of kin from breaching other side of veil to join the many spirits. You's have Shaman Tuktuk's gratitude for this. This were being good step in right direction fors repent of lost lives and giving more fight chance for war against Slaver Bug God.

Tuktuk will make with return soon to be making talks and wisdom shares to being sure things has make progress, so know we's keeping eyes on you.

-Shaman Tuktuk Farlooker of the Bloodbringer
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