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Worth Fighting For
Dear Ralinwood, 

Einher ravaged your shores and caused much damage, hurt many people and caused strains between friends and family alike. Oxford and I have discussed and determined it's only fair that you know why. 

Twenty years ago, I went down to a place under Antioch known as the Abyss. It is a forbidden, dangerous place where only the foolish tread. There, I observed the Trench Griffons; massive, powerful beasts that seeped alchemy in their veins and made toothpicks out of femurs. Territorial and vicious, I spent almost fifteen years documenting them; their lives, their eating and breeding habits, everything. It almost cost me my life many times. 

My alchemist guild and I, the Nightshade Collective, decided that having a Trench Griffon of our own would unlock so many secrets of alchemy we never dreamed possible. We agreed to obtain one of the eggs for our own and raise it. We agreed to be non-invasive, to use some of its feathers and tears and drool and fur and the gems it naturally sheds.  We formulated a growing plan and even hired a bard to teach us how to imitate the noises of the parents. 

When we went to get the egg, fifteen of my students and closest friends lost their lives. Bleeding, battered, broken, I returned with the egg to my guildhouse, only to be banished from Antioch for my foolishness. 

I rebuilt. I opened another guildhouse about five years ago, where I met Oxford and we established our guild on the surface. The egg was kept in private but research on it continued. They have a gestation that can become dormant if the needs are not met, so it was easy to continue the process of hatching. 

But one day a Bothnian Einher by the name of Rowf joined my collective. After a few weeks, he revealed that he didn't want to research the egg, he wanted to take charge of it. He tried to steal it, to buy it, to trick me into giving it to him. After he was kicked out, his Jarl came and offered me an army, land, anything I wanted if i just hand over the egg. Do not believe their lies, I did not steal it from them nor did they lose anything but dignity in their pursuit of it. 

And when I refused they burned my guildhouse to the ground. 

By chance, Oxford and I escaped and ran for the skein gate with the egg. We cut a deal and they sent us here. 

We tried to rebuild while  keeping a low profile. I am sorry we had to lie to you. They found us, though, and you saw what happened. 
I was captured and Oxford hid. I gave the egg's locked box and key to people. I do not know who. That was my final defense. 
I was charmed and then tortured. I was beaten. I had tubes of alchemy draining directly into my blood so I would have no second to recover from the doses. My eyes were sealed shut by acid. Nausea alchemy was pumped directly into my stomach, but I did not yield because I did not see who I gave the box to.

I do not know where my egg is, but I pray it is still safe. I worry the Einher may have obtained it. 
If not, any information would be appreciated and rewarded. You can find me at the pavillions. Please, return my egg to me. It is my life's work and I have already lost so many and so much over it. I will be a good mother and share the alchemic triumphs with the town. 

Acrisia Venemicus
Jenn Wood.
Email only.
Please do NOT contact me here, or on facebook.
you know if you had lead with this information, things might have turned out differently.
your actions have put this entire town in danger, cost the lives of many, and you still wish to continue?
since your first inception of the idea you admit that it has cost lives, and to what end?
nothing? what reward can you offer that is worth the 30 or so lives that it has costed ?
And what of the life of the griffon? is it to be caged? is it to roam free? I think not.
No more back door dealings, do what ever it is you are doing in the light, in the public eye.

why should i risk my life saving this egg?

Let All of Railinwood hear you what you have to say for yourself, and your "reward"
Good, Bad  either way im the guy with the Gasglobe. .

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House of I


I was scared. I was scared and did not know whom I could trust with this information. That was why i did not come forward and tell you.

I know what my actions have done, but if I do not continue now their deaths were in vain. I cannot allow their sacrifice to be for nothing, not when we are so close to the breakthrough.

The end is far more than nothing. The end may unlock alchemy never before witnessed: the ability to imitate magic weapons through alchemy, the ability to identify the undead through a gas globe, the ability to make a dip bucket of one specific alchemy for weapons, the ability to shroud your own heartbeat with a liquid coating or even perhaps the ability to create an elixir of life. The possibilities have been witnessed in their natural state and they are endless.

That is why Bothnia wanted it so badly.

As for the griffon, I would love it as my own and provide for it. I intend to build it a cave and feed it well- as it eats alchemy and rocks. I would care for it and train it, providing whatever it needs. It would never come to harm and I would protect it with my life, as I have time and again. The egg cannot hatch without me.

I am only asking for the eggs return. I do not want anyone else to lose their life over it, but I would give my own ten fold over to unlock its secrets. Once I have discovered what the griffon can provide, I will share the results with all of Ralinwood so we may all benefit from it. An advantage like that may be just what you need to overcome the Squamata, the undead...maybe even Mother.

-Acrisia Venemicus
Jenn Wood.
Email only.
Please do NOT contact me here, or on facebook.
Egg or not, this should be settled openly in a town meeting. Such a thing, asset or threat, deserves the open and officiated discourse of the local citizenry it would benefit or harm.

We should be better than lynch mobs, as a town. We should be adults able to hold a discussion here.
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