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Regarding the Farmers and Squamata

We have finished out interrogation of the Shak'tar's victims.

The Shak'tar were operating four ritual circles around their encampment, all guarded by a plethora of scouts. The farmers witnessed a scout reporting a large number of incoming people. Many Shak'tar, adorned with painted wings on their back, fled grabbing what they could--should that be boxes, animals, provisions, and an alleged crate of baby crocodiles. Trios of Shak'tar held hands and simply vanished.

However, with your efforts, we were able to rescue these imprisoned farmers, cull their Greater Dire Crocodile population, recover schematics of their operations, and prevent their reinforcements from establishing a foothold. Should anyone have any further information regarding the machinations 
of our enemies, it is imperative that you report them. 

In the future, I request that you capture more of our enemies alive so that we may learn of their plans in greater detail.

-Regent Accius

PS. For those interested, the Gnomish farmers have all been released after extensive physicals and were escorted home.
The painted wings and ensuing disappearance of the Shak'tar are a draconic ritual. Some members of my church have made a point of studying the use of such things, archivists of information that we are. I can provide more information if desired, though I imagine there's a few others in town that could do the same, as the same ritual was theorized to have been cast on the Dragon Knight that attacked us alongside his small army of squamatta and murkers.

- Carrion, Priest of the Nightkeeper
IG: A human man in a crow skull mask, grey stole, and black clerical vestments. Occasionally carries an iron or silver dagger, but more often seen without any visible weapons or amour to speak of.

OOG: Danny Heintz, he/him. Transmasc in progress, please disregard mine bræsts. 


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