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Seeking Expert on Old Einish Gods

I am doing a historical seminar on the events of the Celestial War this weekend. This will involve a section on the old Einish Gods, but I figured it would be wise to reach out to see if an Einher wished to speak on them rather than an outsider. I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes and, I won’t lie, my knowledge of them is very surface level. If this person also wanted to talk on the birth of the Savage gods I’d be happy to hand that section over as well, but I know far more about those. Anybody interested should be able to:
  • Name each of the old Einish Gods and a bit about their purview
  • Be comfortable with public speaking
  • Answer some questions if people have any
Feel free to reply below or seek me out in person. I’m usually easy to find.

Dr. Moran
Head of the Threefold Hospital of Ralinwood
Page of the Rose
Ori Moran: A blue feathered Avian with a red hat who wears a Blood Red Rose tabard. She has a Shadow Mark on one of her eyes and a scar through the other. There is a robin shaped brand on her right hand.

OOG: Alex Heintz - Head NPL - Official Ralinmeme Maker

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