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Call to the Einher of Ralinwood
To all the Einher of Ralinwood!

As the Einher have been without an active Jarl for the winter months I feel it is important that set a new standard as the weather warms. As such I wish to hold council with all those who bear the colors of our people so that we may act as one community going forward in the future. Recent and coming events demand the Einher come together as one, this meeting will act as the first step towards this.

Discussion will be had about my goals for the Einish of Ralinwood, the upcoming moot in July, as well as my announcement on who I will choose to be my Housecarl. I will also give time to anyone who wishes to voice their thoughts, ambitions, and concerns before our brother and sisters community. If there is anything you wish to be brought forward before the community, or oaths you wish to make to either myself or anyone else then this is your chance to do so.

The council will be held during the market day on the fourth of May at one bell in the afternoon at the Brodirheim cabin. There are many activities going on throughout the day and I would like to avoid conflict with those events anyone wishes to partake in. While I expect every Einher to be present I understand if this is simply not possible for some, and if so you are welcome to seek myself before the meeting and I will ensure your voice is heard before our brothers and sisters. I will be present in town leading up to the market day, and can be easily found. 

-Penned for Brondulf Elrickson, Jarl of the Ralinwoood Einher
IG: A tall slender Einher sporting the the blue and green colors of clan Galloglach, with the Tiwaz rune painted over his right eye. 

OOG: Rowan Carnahan-Koberinski


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