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Hello Ralinwood
I come to you at this time not as a Warden, but as a private individual,  to air a grievance and propose a solution.

The issue at hand is that, as a fighting force, this town sucks. The problem is that the vast majority of you arnt willing to work togther or follow leadership of any kind.
We have in resent years just blundered time and time again though fights, just following the man in front, cuase some one in the front must know what there doing.
Or many life spells are used becuase some people cant comunicate that they are hurt or lost in a large fight , becuase they have no one to tell. And I'm sick and tired of it. Many of you claim to be from military back grounds, please act like it.  Many of you claim to be non combative, yet I find you in the center of it.

Well I think it's time  to end this trend. We possibly have war coming and I dont know if you all are ready for it.
By doing to things.
1) reinstituting  the old battle buddy system, I dont want anther man left behind again. If you dont have a person to be your battle buddy, I'll find one.
2) a Regimental colour guard for Ralinwood and her irregulars.  In battle the colour guard shall act as out rallying point and anchor.

I will be looking to have
1) the colors made up, is a flag for those who dont know.
2) for a bearer of the flag to be found. It is a great honor to be chosen.
3) a guard of fighters and mages to keep The bearer safe and the colors from falling.  To loose ones colors is to loose ones pride.

If you wish to volunteer for this, seek me out

Please let's us all come togther in the betterment of our town. We are no longer a penal colony , but a town. Let us go from a disorganized wild table to a organized rabble.

Long live Ralinwood, Long live Duvain.

Signed by
Captain Jacob Kraye.

Ps. If you dont like what if said, prove me wrong.
I'm willing to change, Are you?
Good, Bad  either way im the guy with the Gasglobe. .

Human male, seen dressed in leathers and Pax attire. Im fancier than you
House of I


I stand with you in this matter, Kraye. I shall speak to those whom fight with me and have their support assured as well.

If no volunteers can be found, I will stand with the banner in one hand and my sword in the other. 

~ Signed
Sigurd Vask
Matthew Weaver
An Einish Male of Clan Bothnia. 
"As an aside to those of you with strong backs and stronger arms, I will be conducting a class on the market day about forming and holding a proper shield wall. I would like all of you to attend. It will be filled with information that is prudent to success, so please come with your listening ears on.

I would also like if long weapon fighters and a caster or two could come as well. It will be a martial learning experience for all.

Penned for Johan Haas Schwertz."
To Captain Jacob Kraye

I would be greatly honored to represent the Ajaunti of the Hur-Rah caravan and the town of Ralinwood as a member of the colour guard.

Regards and Well Wishes,
Eym Lua
A Grinning Aja

-Penned for Wigzozz

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