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Market Day Schedule
Fourth of May Market Day

1 PM:
· Learn how to barter                                                                             Archery field
2 PM:
· Religion, faith, and worship hosted by Carrion and Godwyn               Archery field
· Artisan training with Quartermaster Beryl                                            Archery field
· Knitting is Neat with Zia                                                                       Cabin
2:30 PM:
· Leatherworking lessons with Brutus the Blacksmith                            Archery field
3 PM:
· Book binding with Melissa Arbor                                                          Cabin
· MAKE A SHIELD WALL with Johan Hass                                            Archery field
4 PM:
· Exotic market opens                                                                             Archery field
4:30 PM:
· A troupe’s teachings about how to be believable                                 Crossroads
· Weapon crafting with Willard                                                                Fire pit
5 PM:
· A troupe’s teachings, continued                                                            Crossroads
· Learn the lore of Ralinwood                                                                  Tepee
· Make yourself Marvellous with makeup                                                Cabin
5:30 PM:
· Murkers: An Untapped Resource with Sathis                                       Tepee
· Magic is magical with Nevicata                                                             Archery field
6 PM:
· How to tell stories so good that ‘einhar’ ‘an’ orcs would rather hear    Cabin
the end than go fight the battles ‘happenin’ down the field with Zii
· Nature walks with Accius                                                                      Nature
6:30 PM:
· Refresher on recent history with Doctor Ori Moran                              Tepee
· Exotic market closes

Some adjustments may be made in order to accommodate various variables.
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley
Hello anyone who has ever expressed a casual interest in knitting - this is hopefully going to be a good chance to get a taste of the craft and learn some of the very very basics! In the time allotted there is not going to be enough time to complete a whole project but I can get you started and am happy to continue working with people after our official time is up - though we will need to relocate.

It would be helpful if anyone who is thinking about taking the seminar can let me know, so I can have materials on hand. If you have your own materials, feel free to bring them along!

Thanks all - looking forward to seeing some of you on Saturday.

-Zia S.
A friendly human woman with dark hair pinned in place with an antler fork.

ooc: Heather Hatch 
Do you have questions about how magic works?

Questions such as:
Where does magic come from?
Why can't I cast magic on that golem?
What types of magic are there?
How are catalysts and magic items made?
How are rituals preformed?
and more!

The Republic Arcanists Collective is holding a lecture by Nevicata del Bastone, with assistance from Ambroos Dimbreaker, followed by a discussion and question/answer period at 5 and a half bells on May 4th in the field. This presentation will also include a small example of a simple ritual, to showcase how someone would go about preforming one.

For more information, please contact Cata in Brodirheim.

See you on Saturday!
If anyone is interested, I was considering offering a nature walk as well, to look at some of the offerings of spring. I can identify a lot of different wildflowers and other spring plants and can talk about that as well as some of their properties. I'm happy to be joined by people who know more than I do - I'm terrible at trees.
A friendly human woman with dark hair pinned in place with an antler fork.

ooc: Heather Hatch 

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