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Market Day Vendors
The following is a list of vendors that will be offering their goods during the market.

· Miahla selling a lovely assortment of leather goods, weapons, clothing, alchemy and baked goods
· Hopper Pots selling jewelry, soap, knitted goods, trinkets, and yarn dolls
· Mouse selling sets of ears and tails, boxes, jewelry, supplies for alchemy, and clothing
· Leaf Goodtree selling exquisite leather armour
· Godwyn selling booze bottles and bottles of booze
· Melissa Arbor opening commissions for the exciting new travelling cloak expansion for Parchments & Pathfinding
· Quartermaster Beryl will be opening orders  for mask imports

Others may still be added to the list.
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley
Hello Everyone! Melissa Arbor here! I have been in touch with a sweet woman called Granny Brunhilde  and though my humble shop mostly sells books and scroll-making materials, I now have an exciting opportunity to sell amazing and wonderful travelling cloaks, handmade by her!

The cloaks are made of fleece and they are extremely warm and cozy. While they are mostly one-size-fits all, able to be made slightly longer or shorter, they are extremely customizable! Granny assures me they can be made in any colour of the rainbow! The excitement comes from what is on the back of them! Simply submit a design and Granny will applique it onto the back for you!

Prices are:
The cost of materials
+50 Copper for a basic cloak with a sewn hem and a clasp
+5 for a fancy trim (fur, fabric trim or an altered bottom)
+5 for a fancy clasp
+10 for a hood
+5 per pocket, inside or out
+10-100 for the complexity of the design on the back!

Come find me on the market day and we can discuss orders and you can see some drawings of her previous samples! I will be testing out her new test product made of broadcloth and fleece instead of fleece alone. Note: this test product is not for sale!
Jenn Wood.
Email only.
Please do NOT contact me here, or on facebook.
I make masks in my free time, as they bring me some form of joy. I figured I might as well sell them. You can make yourself appear to be something you're not and they can make pretending more believable.

My masks are all made of a pliant, but durable material, not quite leather and not quite fabric. I do mostly animals but am happy to make you look like other things; kobolds, orcs, whatever you fancy. If these masks break (unlikely) before next May, come and find me and I will repair them for free.

Masks always include materials and range from 10 copper to 100 copper depending on what you want, how detailed you anticipate it to be, how many materials I need to use, etc. For example, a flat white kitty cat is going to be a lot cheaper than an alligator with a life-sized snout and scales.

-Quartermaster Beryl
Jenn Wood.
Email only.
Please do NOT contact me here, or on facebook.

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