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Hello people of Ralinwood,
We will be shortly be making a trip along the coast and into wrecked ships
and we all know what that means MURKERS CRABS AND DEEP WATER.

I will have resist toxins, liquid lungs remedies and liquid lights for trade and sale

Alchemical Light          2s or 1 rm
Antidote                     1g 6s or 15 rm  New Item*
Liquid Lungs               6s or 5 rm
Remedy                     4s or 5 rm
Resist Toxin                1g 8s or 15 rm

order in advance and get these prices!!!! If attempting to purchase day of, there will be a mark up

I will be purchasing any and all rm at the end of the day! or if you have a large quantity on hand

Cpt. Jacob Kraye
House of I Trading Company
Good, Bad  either way im the guy with the Gasglobe. .

Human male, seen dressed in leathers and Pax attire. Im fancier than you
House of I


A note is scribbled at the bottom.

"Just a reminder, due to apparently everyone proving they can't make basic logical leaps at the tavern a few weeks past: DON'T FIGHT WATER ELEMENTALS IN THE WATER. This is especially important if you plant to go under water. Come speak to me if you can't figure out why.

In association with Mr. Kraye, Alfric's Barber will be acting as a secondary broker; matching all foresigned prices. Any alchemists looking to join in the supply operation should contact Alfric Smith.

(OOG: Send me a message over Facebook or Discord.)
OOG: Will Hyland.

IG: Alfric Smith, musician, physician, barber, mortician. Listen for the sound of flirting and the smell of liquor.

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