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Blood Red Rose
Greetings Ralinwood.

I, Ser Voyse, Knight of the Shield, of The Blood Red Rose, will be taking my watch over these lands alongside my brothers and sisters of the Order. I have announced myself to your Lady Aminata and Regent Accius, and now present myself to you.

My intention, during my stay, is that no one is left behind or displaced during the development of Ralinwood. As the town evolves, prosperity must not overlook the hard-working and humble.

I understand that there are a number of supporters among you who wish to join our ranks, or are already on your paths to knighthood. If you have any questions, about recruitment, the Order, or anything else, please do not hesitate to seek me out. I spend the majority of my time at Golden Orchard farm, the central-most farm in the area, but most nights at the barracks.

May we meet in good time, and good will,

Ser Evalie Voyse, Knight of The Blood Red Rose
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley

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