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New Alchemist Guild Recruits
Dear Ralinwood, 

For those we were unable to speak to, I am Oxford Black. Last friday, my mentor Acrisia Custo and I arrived through the Skein gate from the mainland from which we were fleeing. A group of rogue Einher had come up the local river in a longboat, demanding we hand over our materials and research to them. When we refused, they retaliated by burning our guildhouse to the ground and slaughtering many of our pupils and friends. 

Thank you so so very much for the hospitality you showed to us after the hardships we faced. Acrisia and I were both worried about this town's populace, but you have quelled our concerns and opened your arms and hearts as we attempt to rebuild our lost legacy. 

As such, we would like to add to our numbers. A good number of you have already expressed interest but we would prefer more. If you have already signed our paper, there is no need to do so again, but if you are an alchemist or chemist, or you want to learn more about alchemy or chemistry, or even if you want to protect those interested in alchemy, please come see us at room 4 in the Swashbuckler's Luck Inn so we can go over a few of our policies and the like. 

-Oxford Black 

(, Re: Alchemist Guild. Anticipate roleplay.  Please post a time and your interested character's opening post in your email.)
Jenn Wood.
Email only.
Please do NOT contact me here, or on facebook.
A small note is tacked onto the bottom with a simple drawing of a key in a flask.

-I will seek you out.

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