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An Invitation
[Image: Tea%20Party%20Invitation_zpsdywjhucs.jpg?t=1548572742]

[A Notice has been stuck to the noticeboard for all to read, word being spread by word of mouth as well. The notice reads;
"Ralinwood. The Hur Rha Caravan welcomes you to join our Family for a Tea Party Social to be held on the 23rd of the Second Month. The Hur Rha Clan will be dressed in their best attire to share their hospitality and stories, so feel free to join us in your best as well. Donations will be acceped, and if you have a preference of tea, let one of our Family know so that we may try to provide. For those who frink coffee, bring your own. Alcohol welcome. Signed, Matriarch Zii Rha of the Hur Rha Clan"]
Ajaunti with a red jingling scarf around her hips. Rather stubborn. Braid to the Brewlord Shaman Java, Matriarch of Hur Rha Clan, known to many as Jingles.

((OOG: Zii, heres a link to my facebook>> LINK ))

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