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A nonsense poem for the night takers
A nasty little plagiarist posted this poem around the pavilions and its author was most angry with him, as he didn't get it right. So here is the original version, I hope you enjoy it!

 A nonsense poem for the night takers.

By Anonymous.

Have you seen the lord boggrel?
He rides an orange stallion
I wonder who gave him that horse.

I saw an old crab in a navy blue tabbard.
Owner of a place by the sea.
A good place to  Scarf down the bones.

Murderer. See? I made you doubt yourself.
A pony might not know he’s a champion
Among the deer and the spider king who wears a
Mask of reeds.

A whore may ask a beggar to sleep with her,
To destroy the heart of the king of the slums.

The page is only a silly man, dressed in yellow
A bard that sings like a songbird for the woman in the cobalt dress.
She doesn’t know she is a lady, despite her hat.
She feels like murker in a coat of snailskin.

A goat and a salamander can’t rest under a violet cape.
The wolf queen rips apart the purple ones.

Hear me. Ask nicely.. Lose the scout.
Dab your head with a kerchief of turquoize.
Jenn Wood.
Email only.
Please do NOT contact me here, or on facebook.

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