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Business Bidders - Results of Town Vote
People of Ralinwood,

Since becoming a town, investors have started becoming interested in our small town. To that, we have started entertaining serious offers from investors, as well as are interested in growing our local businesses. To that, I write to you in respect of the investors we, as a town, have chosen to entertain for this coming year. After meeting the potential lessors of the lands on offer this past Saturday eve, you have made your preferred choices known to me. For those of you not able to attend our gathering, allow me to first provide a full list of the bidders presented. 

- Bidders for the Docks property - Bits n' Bobbers Pawn shop (run by a local hobling, Penelope), Empress-ive Exotics (a barterhouse run by the Savar, Bernadette) and Bones to Dust (a Museum to be run by the apothecary and archaeologist Thamris and Roman).

- Bidders for the Centrally located property - The Doctor's House (run by Dr. Crownleaf), Have Anvil-Will Smith (with its new owner, Willard Dudley), Hard Times Brothel (run by both Madame Rene of Clan Tevinter and Madame Natalia of the Oar House)

- Bidders for the Distant property - Kindhome Pastures (hands for hire by the fire elf, Tahir Akeem), MANOS (mercenaries against Ne'er-do-wells of Society, seeking a headquarters), and Zaid  Acreages (a farmer's collectivization movement seeking a headquarters, headed by Walton Zaid).

After a tally of the vote, the following business were the ones you democratically selected should be the ones to receive land leases:

- For the Docks property, you selected the Savar Barterhouse, Empress-ive Exotics.

- For the Centrally located property, you selected the clinic, The Doctor's House

- For the Distant property, you selected Zaid Acres, the farmer's collectivization action.

By congratulations to the winners. You must have put on a good show.

I will be contacting the three businesses within the week to discuss the terms of the leases. If there are concerns, questions or comments in the meanwhile, please send a message to my new quarters at the Tavern. I will not be able to reply to every message, but I will read them all. 

Thank-you all for your participation. It was truly heartwarming to see us replicate the Republican spirit of our fine country.

Governor Aminata Gomorrah 
Miss Aminata Gomorrah, Daughter of House Gomorrah of the Council of Twelve.
High elf female, blonde hair, orange shoulder bag, typically in a long skirt, carrying an air of dignity. 
((OOG: Ivanna))

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