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Prelog for July at our new site (exciting!) will be opening shortly, so we wanted to take a second to address the cost of event you'll be seeing (which is part of the delay).
The new site is, to be honest, more expensive than Peacekeeper is. It makes sense - we have more space to use, washroom facilities with plumbing, no noise curfew, more buildings, and a bunch of other things. The space is especially important - with the way we've grown over the last few years, we've just outgrown the space Peacekeeper has to offer. But, with great space comes great... extra costs. So, if we want to keep using the new site (and they want us to keep using them!) we will have to raise the cost of game slightly. So, when we play at Stevenson's, game cost will be set at $50. Season Pass holders, this does mean an additional $5 per event we're at Stevenson's.
We want to apologize for the back and forth on game costs this year, and the moving schedule (whiiich may also still happen again. Stay tuned for potential polls on moving dates for September and October). It's a big transitional year for us, which has happened very unexpectedly. Mostly because we did not expect to find such an excellent new site. We could hardly pass it up. Seriously. 

In additional really good news: Stevenson has let us know that they are looking forward to having us back ALL of next year. Next year, it will be our new home for good and true! You really impressed them last time - things were cleaned up well and Ralinwood really did put it best foot forward - both IG and OOG, but especially OOG. You otherwise murdery hobos.
It opens up a lot of potential options. There are lots of cool places for mods, more buildings, more immersive spaces can be created. There's talk of letting us put down our own storage shed. With the cabins as they are, we are even discussing the possibility of winter weekend events. Still pending but so far not a hard no!

In short: Game fees are going up to be $55 ($50 with prelog) per weekend. Pick your camp cabins and campsite though - the new site is ours!
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$5 more to play on that land is money well spent.
Jennifer Wood
Season NPC
As a Season's Pass holder, is there a way to pay for the increased cost all at once?

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