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May 18 RP Awards - Lend a Hand
Great big event, great big RP! Congratulations everyone.

Kyle Brunton - 5
Justin Hollander - 3
Kyle Thornton - 3
Alex Heintz - 2
Colton - 2
Dustin Hitchcock - 2
Alicia Bronson - 2
Danny Heintz - 2
Elias Astathis
Dustin Smith
Trevor Moores
Scott Tillart
Ryan Gallant
Ramsay Piche
Mika Tabuchi
Edward Kimmerer
Jeff Barth
Alexander Salaway
Brad Schappert
Falcon Durrer
Matty Cameron
Rob Dibart
Shane Miller
Aaron Demure
Demitri (AKA deago)
Kieran Lawless
Aaron Hanna
Connor Lavoy

Chasing... Chasing... Chasing
Monster Marshal
Alchemists Guild
Mages Guild
Monster Hunters

Contact via shaper email:
Omg I'm so happy!!!! Also Wiggzozz is Aaron Hanna!
*You see indistinguishable scribbles violently written to form a signature that most likely says KRONG DA STRONG..............or he tried to eat the space it is written on..........either way its a signature*
:3 congrats everyone!
there were some NPCs i really wanted to put forward for nominations too; the Basketball goblins, Angelique for her banshee, Gennaro for his scary fae and Cat Mercer because she knows what she did.
Jennifer Wood
Season NPC
O.o I don't, though.
Shaper for 2018. Contact me via the Shaper email. Do not contact me via Facebook.

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