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Tending to the wounded (Aug 15th After midnight)
(Because I was out cold, this is in responce to Britanny's post)
*Zaydesh rushes over to Aminata, casting a Cure Serious wounds on her then a Recuperate. He looks around to anyone else, specifically looking for Elves, Then looks back to Aminata*
Zaydesh Hakaar
Male Fire Elf. Dark clothing Black plate w/ leather mask. Red neck wrap. Bastard sword.
Erik Koudys
*Aminata wakes a little from her stupor, trembling, and puts her hand up to her head. She remains lying down or propped up on Zaydesh, looking dazed.*

"What happened...?"
Governor Miss Aminata Gomorrah, Daughter of House Gomorrah of the Council of Twelve, Governor of Ralinwood.
High elf female, blonde hair, blue or brown shoulder bag, red and black scarf on her belt, typically in a long skirt.
((OOG: Ivanna, Coffee half French Vanilla))
-Looks over from a bench he is sitting on- Demons came, trapped us all in the tavern. We have to play some stupid game or they are going to slaughter has been decided for us that we will sit and play instead of defending ourselves apparently.
*scribbles in his book, showing Aminata*

"A Demonic legion has been summoned forth and has trapped us here. Lamalas may want to fight in defence, but I see only death fighting a legion that has a Balrog with it. We are to play a game and live, or else we die. Consider the tavern a refugee camp."
Zaydesh Hakaar
Male Fire Elf. Dark clothing Black plate w/ leather mask. Red neck wrap. Bastard sword.
Erik Koudys
Demetria lays among the townsfolk looking bloody and beaten. Deep gashes run up and down her back, the tears in her shirt exposing her tiny wings.
A small, young looking Gargylen wearing a black headband over her horns. She's typically wearing some kind of scarf and flowers on her person. She carries a small wooden toy sword.

OOG: Breanna Monks
-A very beat up Wizwik is sent flying into the Tavern area, crashing into some chairs on the way down-
Wizwik Leonard Voltsmith, A 3' tall green haired gnome dressed like a tinker'er wearing a top hat, wielding a body spear, and lots of devices strapped to his body, with a small Ruby necklace with a 7 toothed gear carved into it.

OOG: Shane Miller

Email :
Sevatar walks over to sit on the ground across from Aminata. He nods once to Zaydesh, before looking back to her. "Are you okay, Aminata?"
Piece of garbage fire looking Einher.
*Sven walks up to Demi, placing a table cloth over her exposed wings he whispers something into her ear before ruffling her hair and moving towards Aminata and the others*
Wanderer in grey, black and brown armor, a multitude of small weapons can be seen across his body 

OOG: Oliver Luther
Riven watching the wounded pour in darts towards Demetria when he sees her. He starts yelling in the loudest voice he's ever used "GARGLYEN DOWN!! NEED A SMITH NOW!!"
A young human dressed in a tunic and pants. He wears black greaves and bracers and carries a sword that is just a bit too large for him. 

OOG: Robert DiBartolomeo
-Goes to Wizwik and helps him up, dusting off what he can- Come my friend, have a seat. -Looks around for a healer not doing anything- Someone able to help this man?

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