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Lucas Hug
Hello There!
My Name is Lucas i am 33 years old, and I am french. I live in London Ontario.

I did Larp in Spain a long time ago, and I had a lots of fun, so I wanted to try again Smile

I have some Ideas on what type of character I want to be and still have to learn all the rules. And I am looking for a religion (I am into that right now, looking in the Wiki XD).

I am really new and some time ask noob questions, so sorry in advance.
I will try to make it to the day seminar in January and hope that will turn out well!

If you have any questions, let me know!
See you,
IG Name : Nohirim
OOG Name : Lucas Hug.
Welcome to Underworld!

Religion is a big part of our game, it adds so much to the character. Happy to see more people into that aspect of the game.
I don't want to give too much away, but we may touch on the topic of In Game Religion at the January Seminar. That is all I can say. It will be lots of fun.

And don't worry about asking 'noob' questions. We were all new players at one point. I say ask away!
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Thanks a lot Sierra!!!
Can't wait to be there Wink

Better to ask, than to silently sit there. Welcome aboard!
Matthew Weaver
A human male with a black and white tabard bearing twin scythes shaped into the form of an hourglass.
Thanks a lot Grimnir SmileSmileSmile
I love the wiki because it explains the story on the whole area instead of being Jericho centric. It has a lot of the story thus far. That being said I'd like to offer any help that I can! Even though I'm new, my boyfriend and my roommate has been LARPing at Underworld Jericho and Ralinwood for quite some time and can help you with the rules.

Welcome aboard!

Ralinwood is an experience of a life-time. It was actually unexpected how much I came to love this game with just my first weekend game. It was awesome. I was certainly not used to the Ajanti accent, but thanks to the community I was able to learn better. Every player has a lot of awesome advice and really helps out. I'm not sure if you already joined this community, but Underworld has LARP Crafters for those to seek help in making Armor and Weapons. Here is the link: Definitely worth it to join! They have a lot of advice and offer a lot of help for those of us who are just starting.
IG: Neomi Yves
IG: Neomi is a High Elf.

OOG/FB: Carrie Lyle-White
Hello guys!!!

Thanks a lot Carrie, I keep it in mind Smile
I will start to make a simple character, and expand it with time.
I was thinking on being a Human, Madirian.
And I was thinking in 2 different names and I can't choose :
Ninoirim or Nonindil.
What do you think? I tried to get example on humans names of LOTR.
Hope it sound Maridian Big Grin

I was thinking being a character with no attached, and no clan. Is that possible? Like an hermit, a traveler. Let me know if I can do that. Can be a good start, then I would join a clan, and can be a IG moment. Well it's a bit blurry.

See you,
Either name you chose is fine. Just remember to try and not pick a name, especially a well known name, directly from movies and pop culture. This can sometimes be distracting In Game. I think the names you have chosen are fine. For more name inspirartion you can check out online name generators, they are a great place to start.

As for your character background, you can almost be anything you want (within reason of course). Being a hermit or a wanderer is a great place to start. I always recommend starting somewhere simple so you can build on your character at events.
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Yep, That sounds to be the better way to start. Thanks a lot Sierra!

And I finally Find my name SmileSmileSmile

I still have to do my character template and don't know which one to take.
I want to use a sword and shield. and I would probably have to take the mercenary template? What do you think?

Thanks a lot!
Have a great sunday Smile

Good choice on your name.

And Mercenary is the best class to choose for using a sword and shield. If you want to do some spellcasting in there, Templar would be the second best way to go. You really have to think what you want to do as this character when choosing a class.

I play a Mercenary at another game, and it is very fun if you like beating the crap out of bad guys, because that is the only thing Mercs are good for.
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